Wake Up the Earth Festival on May 6: Parades, Musical Performances, Vendors, and More

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While the 45th annual Wake Up the Earth Festival will be a lot of fun this weekend, it's also important to recognize the reason the festival was created, and how it relates to modern times.

Wake Up the Earth Festival 2022 (Photo by Deborah J. Karson Photography)

This year's festival is from noon to 5 pm on the Southwest Corridor by the Stonybrook MBTA Station.

The original festival was created by community activists who worked together to defeat a proposal to put a highway through the neighborhood.

This year's organizers would like to "move more deeply into awareness of climate resiliency and how climate change connects to low income and affordable housing access, and the racial inequities in Boston that make climate change a vitally important social justice and racial justice issue."

As organizers explore how they can make an impact, they're encouraging the community to make a pledge to action.

"To actualize the focus of this year's festival, and to help create a lasting and hopefully a catalytic effect, we ask each of you, What is one thing YOU can commit to doing this year?" says the WUTE festival page.

Along with a social activism ethos, the festival will also include numerous vendors including food and retail vendors, the Egleston Square Farmer's Market, a spot for children (and non-children) to play instruments, and numerous musical performance stages. Click here to see the performance schedule.

The Honk band during the 2022 Wake Up The Earth Festival parade. (Photo by Deborah J. Karson Photography)


This year there are two parades. The usual ambulatory parade, and a new bike parade.

The walking parade will gather outside Curtis Hall at 10:30 am. The Bike Parade gathers outside the Jackson Square MBTA station at 10 am.

Want to join the parade? Please reach out to the Jovielle Gers the Parade coordinator here.

Here is the parade route:

Festival Map