Proposal to Redevelop Poor Clare Nuns Monastery Into Apartments, Daycare, Office, Gym + New Building

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Public outcry in 2022 led to the cancellation of a plan for the Poor Sisters of St. Clare proposal to sell their monastery to be razed and the property redeveloped. Now there is a new proposal to rehab the Centre Street monastery and make it into a multi-use facility.

St. Clare Monastery

Holland Properties LLC recently filed a letter of intent with the Boston Planning & Development Agency to completely rehab the existing 54,000 sq. ft. monastery building into 20 residential apartments, and 20,000 sq. ft. for a daycare, office, gym, event spaces, and storage.

Along with the rehab, the proposal includes a new building behind the existing building with 90 condominiums and 121 parking spaces.

While not on any historical registry list, the public became very upset with the proposal for the nuns to sell the building for it to be razed and then erect townhouses.

No public meetings to discuss the proposal have been announced as of yet.