Dozens of People Lined Up for Free Lunch Day at Ula Cafe

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There's an old saying that there's no such thing as a free lunch -- but at Ula Cafe on August 3 -- it was just Free Lunch Day. And dozens of people formed a line stretching well into the parking lot.

Co-owner Beth Santos said that Free Lunch Day came about thanks to restaurant software company Toast. Ula Cafe and Toast recently started working together.

"One day they showed up at the cafe with a check for $10,000. I was floored! They told they valued our commitment to JP so much that they wanted to do something for the community and buy lunch for everyone," said Santos.

So from 11 am to 3 pm, anyone could order whatever they wanted up to $20.

"Our regular most popular items, including the B Sandwich, Roasted Turkey Ranch, Roasted Veggie and Pesto Mozzarella sandwiches were definitely the most popular!" said Santos. "Lots of people also treated themselves to ice cream, too, which was cute -- we just started offering Batch Ice Cream which is a Massachusetts-local, family-owned business that uses whole ingredients."