Here Are The Questions City Councilor Kendra Lara Didn’t Answer

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The Preliminary Municipal Election for the Boston City Councilor District 6 election is September 12. The three candidates were asked to respond via email to questions, and the two challengers provided answers, but the incumbent did not provide answers.

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara

The Preliminary Municipal Election is on Tuesday, September 12, and two candidates will advance to the general election on November 7.

Any registered Boston voter can vote at any early voting location. You don’t need an excuse or reason to vote early. Not sure if you’re registered? Find out your voter registration status. The deadline to register to vote is Saturday, September 2. You have until 5 pm to register to vote in-person, and until 11:59 pm to register to vote onlinePlease click here for the locations and schedule of early voting in Boston.

Here are the Q&As with candidates William King and Ben Weber.

In an August 16 email, District 6 Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara's Chief of Staff Lee Nave Jr. told Jamaica Plain News that they'd "love to answer" the questions and asked for them to be emailed. Lara was CCed on the email. Nave Jr. and Lara did not return subsequent emails regarding whether answers would be provided.

Here are the questions that were provided to Lara:

Q: What is your preferred name?

Q: What are your pronouns?

Q: Why are you running to be the District 6 Boston City Councilor?

Q: You have been charged with a number of offenses due to a vehicular accident in which you were allegedly driving without a license at twice the speed limit, and what your son in the backseat not properly secured in a car seat as required by law.

  • Some District 6 residents would like to know why you have been driving without a license for many years?
  • Why did you plead not guilty to the charges?
  • Was your son legally secured by the law?

In June 2022 you tweeted "y'all are letting the Zionists SHAKE YOU DOWN. phew!" in regards to a federal appeals court decision that upheld an Arkansas law that required state contractors to promise not to boycott Israel. You apologize for using the antisemitic trope "shaking you down." Why did you tweet that Zionists financially or otherwise impacted the decision of federal appeals court judges in the ruling?

What legislation are you most proud of that you've led during your time on the Boston City Council?

What are the three biggest issues facing District 6? Please provide specific ways you have tried to affect change on these issues.

Do you support the Shattuck Campus redevelopment proposal? Why or why not?

What would you like to see happen with the MBTA Arborway Bus Yard?