Take City’s Survey to Help Shape Boston Squares & Streets

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The city would like your input on how to enhance small areas near transit as part of its Squares + Streets initiative.

The focus of the Boston Planning & Development Agency's (BPDA) Squares + Streets initiative will be on housing, public space, cultural amenities, and transit assets, which all reflect the unique needs of each area, according to the BPDA's website. The city defines Squares + Streets as "important places of gathering that connect residents to essential goods, transit options, services, and job opportunities."

The city will develop small area plans in a 6 to 9 month window. The small area plans will modify zoning with the purpose of supporting housing and thriving business districts, create infrastructure projects to address transportation and public space needs, and programs and funding to promote small businesses, as well as arts and culture.

The city says this project is a step towards citywide zoning reform, and that it will complement and support the city's Design Vision and Zoning Reform work.

Please participate in the city's brief survey, to let them know how you want to shape squares and streets across Boston’s neighborhoods.

The BPDA is planning to host a series of small area plans beginning in 2024.