With Clean Getaway Gone — Only a Few Laundromats Remain in Jamaica Plain

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Quietly, without any fanfare, one of Jamaica Plain's remaining laundromats closed in October.

Clean Getaway Laundry was at 546 Centre St., and that leaves four remaining self-serve laundromats in JP.

  • Rossmore Laundry (7 Rossmore Road)
  • Jamaica Plain Laundry Centre (410 Centre St.)
  • Jackson Square Laundromat (270 Centre St.)
  • Laundrymates (178 Heath St.)

There used to be more laundromats in Jamaica Plain.

You can still bring your clothes to get laundered at several of those locations, and a few other places -- American Dry Cleaners (777 Centre St.), Centre Cleaners (608 Centre St.), Classic Cleaners (650 Centre St.), J & P Dry Cleaners (300 Centre St.), and Green Laundromat (266 Hyde Park Ave.).

There used to be a small laundromat at the bottom of Woodlawn Street across from the Forest Hills MBTA station. When that left more than a decade ago, it made the closest laundromat either Rossmore Laundry, or head down Hyde Park Avenue into Roslindale.

There used to be a laundromat on South Street near Happy Liquors, but that closed more than a decade ago.

One can surmise why laundromats have closed. Newer buildings have in-building or in-unit laundry, businesses weren't making money, rents got too high, or business owners wanted to get out of the biz.