Fierro Talks About State Rep Candidacy, Creating Affordable Housing, Green Energy, and More

Richard Fierro, a three-year resident of Jamaica Plain, is a candidate to be the next representative for the 15th Suffolk County District. He answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about why he decided to run, how he can help the 15th Suffolk District, and the issues that are most important to him. Q: Why did you decide to run for the 15th Suffolk District state representative seat? Fierro: Several major crises affect the entire country, and we have not been spared here in our community and across the Commonwealth. These crises include climate change, housing shortages, the opioid epidemic, student loan and consumer debt, economic decline, and financial hardships.


Montaño Talks About State Rep Candidacy, Tenant Protections, Environmental Justice, and More

Jamaica Plain resident Sam Montaño is running to be the next 15th Suffolk District state representative. Montaño, 32, answered questions about affordable housing, racial equity, community organizing, and more. Q: Why did you decide to run for the 15th Suffolk District state representative seat? Montaño: I have been involved in JP as a community organizer for seven years. Once I moved to JP I immediately delved into the community; I ran for the JP Neighborhood Council and won a seat, I volunteered to mentor youth at Hyde Square Task Force, I participated in the JP/Rox planning process and advocated for affordable housing as a community member and through my work, I helped bring a youth center back to Mildred C. Hailey Apartments.


Elugardo on Running for State Senate, Rent Control, Redistricting of Jamaica Plain and More

State Rep. Nika Elugardo (D-15th Suffolk), who was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2018, is running for the 2nd Suffolk District State Senate seat. Elugardo answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about her candidacy, bills she's sponsored to help incarcerated individuals, redistricting, and more. Q: Why did you decide to run for the 2nd Suffolk District State Senate seat? Elugardo: It's been exciting and fulfilling to represent the 15th Suffolk district as a State Representative. I play a hands-on role not only in shaping policy that affects my constituents and so many constituent groups that I care deeply about, but also in shepherding critical resources for community and economic development, for education, and so much more.


Boston’s Ward 11 Democrats to Elect Delegates to Democratic State Convention on March 12

Democrats will convene virtually on March 12 to elect 22 delegates and 5 alternates to represent Boston Ward 11 Democrats at the 2022 State Democratic Convention. This meeting will be at 10 am. Attendees may participate remotely by registering at the Boston Ward 11 Facebook Caucus post or requesting link from either co-chairs, Anne Rousseau at or Marie Turley at Registered and pre-registered Democrats in Boston’s Ward 11 who are 16 years old by February 4, 2022 may vote and be elected as delegate or alternates during the caucus. Youth (age 16 to 35), people with disabilities, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community not elected as delegates or alternates are encouraged to apply to be add-on delegates at the caucus or by visiting


State Rep. Liz Miranda Running for State Senator Opening

State Rep. Liz Miranda has thrown her hat into the ring for the state senator position being vacated by Sonia Chang-Díaz. "I'm running for state Senate to build a district-wide agenda for community belonging, health equity, and economic opportunity. I'm running to take you all to the Senate with me," tweeted Miranda (D-5th Suffolk). Miranda joins state Rep. Nika Elugardo (D-15th) in the race for the 2nd Suffolk District senator seat. Chang-Díaz is vacating the seat to run for governor.


State Rep. Nika Elugardo Running for State Senate

After carefully weighing her decision, state Rep. Nika Elugardo has chosen to run for the state senate seat being vacated by current state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz. Elugardo was first elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2018, defeating longtime incumbent Jeffrey Sanchez to represent the 15th Suffolk District seat. "I was trying to stay out to lift up others and learned through a variety of recent experiences that stepping into the race was the best way to serve. I’m excited about what 2nd Suffolk is ready for, and I’m so ready to bring it!" said Elugardo to Jamaica Plain News.


Jamaica Plain Has Been Called ‘Home’ By Five Boston Mayors

With Michelle Wu being elected as Boston mayor, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the mayors who called Jamaica Plain home. For the record, Wu currently lives one neighborhood over, in Roslindale. James Michael Curley
Many residents have stories about the house in the Curley era: clients who came to the door in the morning for help (as seen in the Curley novel, The Last Hurrah), the long line of mourners at the double funerals of his children, Mary and Leo, in 1950, and the famous people who visited 350 Jamaicaway over the years. The sale of the shamrock-shuttered home of James Michael Curley rightly drew the attention of a new generation to this legendary mayor’s long residence in our area. Though His Honor lived in the house from 1915 onwards, the second longest-serving mayor of Boston (16 years in all) did not die there.


Hernández School Students Couldn’t Vote, So They Interviewed Who Could

The eighth grade students of the Rafael Hernández K-8 School were too young to vote on Election Day. Instead they got an Election Day education by hitting the polls to interview voters and learn about their views on the candidates and issues.  

The following article was written by the eighth graders of the Hernandez School:

Views from Green Street 
Eighth grade students from the Rafael Hernández K-8 in Egleston Square took a trip to the polls on the  morning of November 2nd, 2021, the day of Boston's  election. We went to the Bowditch polling station on Green Street to interview voters. 

The weather was sunny and crisp, and many voters came out with their dogs and children. Fourteen students (and their two teachers) stood in a line in front of the Bowditch building with clipboards. Some voters walked by, staring with a confused look, but we pushed out of our comfort zones to start conversations with these strangers.


At-Large City Council Election: Flaherty, Mejia, Louijeune Go 1-2-3; Murphy Takes 4th

The two incumbents in the At-Large Boston City Council election, Michael Flaherty and Julia Mejia, easily took first and second in Tuesday's contest. In 2019, Mejia won her first at-large city council race by a mere one vote! This time it wasn't that close as she finished second with 61,709 votes (17.27%), and Flaherty took first with 62,242 votes (17.42%), according to unofficial results from Boston's Elections Department. DAVID HALBERT








First time candidate Ruthzee Louijeune took third place with 54,601, and will be the first Haitian-American to be on the council. Louijeune grew up in Boston, and attended Boston Public Schools.


Michelle Wu Becomes First Woman and Person of Color Elected as Boston Mayor

In Boston's almost 200 years of having mayors there has never been a non-white male elected as mayor. That changed on Tuesday when Michelle Wu easily defeated Annissa Essaibi George. Wu was first elected as an At-Large Boston City Councilor in 2014 at the age of 29, and will be sworn in as mayor on November 16. Normally elected mayors of Boston are sworn in the beginning of January, but Acting Mayor Kim Janey agreed to a quicker transfer of power with Wu and Essaibi George. As expected, Wu easily defeated her fellow At-Large City Councilor, by a wide margin.