Student Researching Lyme Disease Will Humanely Trap Rodents at Your Home in Jamaica Plain, and Seeks Community Involvement

I am student researcher at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine conducting a funded research project investigating the risk of Lyme disease in urban areas. Rodents are the main source of feeding for ticks, so this study will focus on Lyme infected mice and rats in Jamaica Plain. I will be humanely trapping rodents and collecting a small amount of blood to test for Lyme bacteria. Rodents will be unharmed and released after the brief sample collection. I strongly believe that successful research is dependent on local stakeholders and community involvement.


Crowdfunding Campaign for Teatro en el Parque Performances and Cafe in Mozart Park This Weekend

Hyde Jackson Square Main Street looks to build upon its successful 2018 event series by welcoming an even more vibrant, social Café in Mozart Park prior to Friday and Saturday night's Teatro en el Parque live theater shows. Teatro en el Parque makes live theater accessible for residents with few opportunities to experience theater in a language and culture that reflect many within the neighborhood. This year’s performance by Escena Latina Teatro – “It is Forbidden to Commit Suicide in the Spring” (Prohibido Suicidarse en Primavera) – will take place on the evenings of July 18, July 19, and July 20. Although performed in Spanish, English language supertitles are projected on a large video monitor so that non-Spanish speakers may also enjoy the play and learn about Spanish theater. Bridging Communities at Teatro en el Parque aims to bring together both Spanish and non-Spanish speaking communities for engaging, fun evenings in Mozart Park in Jamaica Plain.


JP Regan Youth League Girls Softball Wins 16U Mayors Cup Championship

The Jamaica Plain Regan Youth League Girls Softball team overcame intense heat and strong competition to capture the 16U Mayors Cup Championship on July 14. The JP team played six games in two days, after defeating defending champs East Boston in the first game. They emerged victorious with a nail-biting 6-5 victory in the championship game over Parkway Girls Softball. In all, four of the five games were decided by a margin of one or two runs, including an exciting walk-off victory that sent Regan League to the finals. “I am proud of the incredible effort and teamwork that the girls showed.


All-Female Salsa Band Performing at Viva el Latin Quarter Summer Concert on July 17

Celebrate the summer in Boston’s Latin Quarter at a Viva el Latin Quarter Summer Series concert on July 17. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a fun evening of live Latin music by 3nity, Boston’s first all female salsa band. There will also be games, activities and free ice cream from J.P. Licks. The concert will be on July 17th starting at 6 pm on the Blessed Sacrament Plaza (361 Centre St., Jamaica Plain). This event is part of Hyde Square Task Force's Viva el Latin Quarter Summer Series.


Three Years After Moving From Dominican Republic, Sano to Attend Tufts After Graduating from MassBay STEM

MassBay Engineering graduate, Sanoli Sano of Jamaica Plain, will attend Tufts University to purse a degree in their engineering program. She plans to study Civil and Environmental Engineering and earn her bachelor’s degree, with career goal of working for Boston on their plan to become a carbon free city by 2050. Sano was born and raised in the Dominican Republic before moving to Massachusetts three years ago. Since coming to MassBay, she has worked closely with MassBay’s STEM Starter Academy (SSA) program. The SSA program is a statewide Massachusetts Department of Higher Education grant program that engages, recruits, supports, and assists in transferring more underserved students in STEM majors.