The Day President Biden Met Jamaica Plain’s Former City Councilor John Tobin

Would you believe that President Joe Biden thinks that a city councilor has the toughest elected job in the country? That's what he told former District 6 City Councilor John Tobin.  

Tobin, currently the Vice President of City and Community Relations at Northeastern University, shared the story on his personal Facebook page. (Tobin gave permission to Jamaica Plain News to republish his post.)

Back in 2007, the late, great Larry Rasky hosted a meet and greet for US Senator Joe Biden who was running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. I was struck by what a relaxed and casual affair it was.


Is Celebrating Marty the Robot’s Birthday Ushering in Our Robot Overlords?

On Saturday Jamaica Plain's Stop & Shop celebrated Marty the Robot's 1st birthday. It's fair to argue that robots don't have birthdays. But tell that to C-3PO! I'm not going to lie to you. I was suspect when the supermarket introduced a robot to beep beep beep around the store informing employees there's a spill, a product fell off the shelf, or other "not supposed to be there" things happen.


Breaking: City Councilor O’Malley ‘I’m Not a Real Redhead’

In a shocking turn of events, District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley held an impromptu press conference to announce that he has been a fake redhead for years. "It started when my parents dyed my hair when I was just a toddler. They wanted me to fit in with all the other redheads on my block. I continued on with the charade until now. But I can no longer go on with being a redhead --- it's not who I really am.


Watch: Funny Video of Mayor Walsh Making Fun of Boston Roadways, Taking Shots at Little Rock and Seattle

For the first-time ever Boston is hosting the Geek Bowl, a huge trivia contest of more than 100 competing pub teams and a Jeannie Johnston Pub crew is competing this year. At last year's Geek Bowl, Boston Mayor Walsh announced through a hilarious video that Geek Bowl XII would be held in our hometown. In the video Mayor Walsh reminisces about the New England Patriots last second Super Bowl victory against the Seattle Seahawks and says everyone is welcome in Boston "unless you're from Little Rock, Arkansas." He also provides directions to get to Boston, which includes giving directions based upon all of our Dunkin' Donuts stores, rotaries and the Mass Pike. Check out the video below:



What the Cluck? Someone Put a Whole Raw Chicken in Little Free Library

Oh, the things you see in the world -- like a whole raw chicken in a Little Free Library in Jamaica Plain! Seriously. Someone decided to put a whole raw chicken inside the Little Free Library at the corner of Bardwell and South streets. The chicken was still in its plastic wrapper  and did not seem like it was leaking as of 6 pm on Wednesday afternoon. It was not clear whether the chicken was raised organically, with antibiotics, free range or caged.


O’Malley: Shovel Out a Hydrant, Get a J.P. Licks Gift Certificate (Kids Only)

District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley is giving any Boston kids a $5 gift certificate to J.P. Licks if they shovels out a fire hydrant and a parent posts before and after photos. While O'Malley represents only a portion of the city -- including Jamaica Plain -- he said the offer is open to all Boston kids. He announced the offer via social media Sunday, and children quickly got out their shovels -- why wouldn't they for free ice cream?!  

Looking for a hydrant to clear? There's an online hydrant locator:



Did ‘The Simpsons’ Give A Shout-Out to City Councilor Matt O’Malley? Yes!

Bostonians wondered this week what Sunday's "The Simpsons" episode would highlight when America's famous cartoon family visited our beloved city. There were a plethora of Boston references, and one distinct reference to free public sunscreen dispensers -- the brainchild of Jamaica Plain's city councilor Matt O'Malley. And District 6's fair-skinned city councilor proudly and excitedly took notice:

The episode -- called "The Town" in reference to the Ben Affleck bank robber movie -- included a scene in which Marge noticed a sunscreen dispenser and noted, "Free sunscreen? So progressive." O'Malley tweeted at the Melanoma Foundation of New England, with which he worked in getting sunscreen dispensers into Boston parks in 2015.