O’Malley: Shovel Out a Hydrant, Get a J.P. Licks Gift Certificate (Kids Only)

District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley is giving any Boston kids a $5 gift certificate to J.P. Licks if they shovels out a fire hydrant and a parent posts before and after photos. While O'Malley represents only a portion of the city -- including Jamaica Plain -- he said the offer is open to all Boston kids. He announced the offer via social media Sunday, and children quickly got out their shovels -- why wouldn't they for free ice cream?!  

Looking for a hydrant to clear? There's an online hydrant locator:



Did ‘The Simpsons’ Give A Shout-Out to City Councilor Matt O’Malley? Yes!

Bostonians wondered this week what Sunday's "The Simpsons" episode would highlight when America's famous cartoon family visited our beloved city. There were a plethora of Boston references, and one distinct reference to free public sunscreen dispensers -- the brainchild of Jamaica Plain's city councilor Matt O'Malley. And District 6's fair-skinned city councilor proudly and excitedly took notice:

The episode -- called "The Town" in reference to the Ben Affleck bank robber movie -- included a scene in which Marge noticed a sunscreen dispenser and noted, "Free sunscreen? So progressive." O'Malley tweeted at the Melanoma Foundation of New England, with which he worked in getting sunscreen dispensers into Boston parks in 2015.