Theme: A Jamaica Plain Resident Created JP Improv…

Around the neighborhood you may have seen flyers advertising JP Improv. Wanting to know more, Jamaica Plain News asked Jamaica Plain resident Myles McDonough scripted questions in which he provided prepared answers. Q: Why did you want to create JP Improv? McDonough: I'd previously taught improv while at graduate school in Knoxville, TN, and I missed the community that grew up around that troupe. In addition, I saw that there weren't many nearby opportunities for people to try improv, and wanted to fix that.


New Open Mic at The Jeanie Johnston Starts July 29

Starting July 29th, Novaiden Comedy will be hosting an open mic every Thursday night at the Jeanie Johnston Pub. Sign up sheet will go out at 7 pm. Performances will run from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. All performers are allotted 3-minute sets. or 5-minute sets with proof of food or drink purchase.


Be Like Sebastian the Space Saver

There are already rumblings about parking space savers in Jamaica Plain, especially following this weekend's snowfall that brought about 5 inches of the white stuff to our streets. The City of Boston issued this humorous reminder to residents today, a takeoff on a Facebook meme that's been making the rounds:

Reminder for residents: No snow emergency was declared in Boston. Space savers will be removed as trash.

Posted by City of Boston on Monday, January 25, 2016

At least some space savers have already made their way onto the streets of JP:

neighbors are the first on the block to save their spot. this time they used an unplanted tree - environmentally friendly! #jp @universalhub
— j. (@kissing_frogs) January 24, 2016

And then, there's this:

OH @Boomerangs in JP: "I'm looking for something big that could be a parking space saver. A chair, maybe?"


What Would You Do If You Won the $1.4 Billion Powerball? Here Are Some JP-Centric Ideas

The highest-ever Powerball lottery will take place on Wednesday -- with a $1.4 billion jackpot! So we gotta ask you -- what would you do if you won Wednesday night? How about some Jamaica Plain-centric ideas? 

There are plenty of places to buy Powerball tickets for Wednesday night's drawing: 7-Eleven, Tedeschi and more. And if you're wondering, the lump sum estimate would be a payout of $868 million after taxes! So what would you do with all that cash?


A Grave Situation on Everett Street

With Halloween on the horizon, this house on Everett Street is already wearing its costume -- and we appreciate the humor. Have you seen other houses in JP dressed up for Halloween?