Hey JP, You Can Fill Out the U.S. Census at Home

What is the Census? Every 10 years the United States and territories take a count. The decennial Census counts everyone, voters and non-voters, children and adults, citizens and non-citizens. One person per household can respond online or by phone, and there are just nine questions. Click here to respond to the U.S. Census.


How Jamaica Plain Is Being Affected by COVID-19

Like the rest of the world, Boston, and specifically Jamaica Plain is greatly being affected by COVID-19. Here are just some of the events and ways the Coronavirus is affecting our area:

Egleston Square Main Street canceled their annual meeting and networking breakfast for March 13. "We will miss seeing you, eating Exodus Bagels, Third Cliff Bakery treats, and Coco Verde Vegan mangú with you; drinking Ula Café coffee with you; and hearing DJ MACHO emcee with you. In the meantime, it’s now more important than ever to support all of those and other great local businesses in Egleston Square. So visit, call, order, and book.