City Sends Plan for 20 Condos at Washington and Green Back to Developer

The Boston Redevelopment Authority said a planned development with 20 condos and commercial space at 3371 Washington St./197 Green St. had divided community opinion. They've asked developer Walter Craven to rework the design. One way to judge the neighborhood's attitude toward the project is reading the "comment letters" the city received in response to the current plans. Of the sixteen comment letters received, ten were in support, although some of those ten were not from residents of the neighborhood.


Plan For 20 Condos at Washington and Green Deeply Divides Neighbors

At the most recent public meeting on a development for 3371 Washington St. and 197 Green St., the air was thick with frustration from both those opposed and those in favor — although it appeared the opponents were in the majority. Owner Walter Craven wants to build two long, four-story, brick-faced multi-family condos on an L shaped lot. The space is currently a hodgepodge of a parking lot, light industry and a woodframe house built before the Civil War. Union Avenue neighbors want Craven to build two three-story condominium buildings that are much shorter and set farther away from three houselots on that street.