Hemmed-In 39 Bus Causes South Huntington Gridlock

39 Bus got too close to parked car, traffic stopped both directions on South Huntington @universalhub @MBTA pic.twitter.com/eJxinJcKvS— Aidan Ackerman (@aidanackerman) March 10, 2015

Tuesday morning, a 39 Bus got stuck by a row of parked cars, causing a massive traffic tie-up. The incident happened on South Huntington, where parking spaces are taken up by snow and then parked cars block a travel lane. Residents complained for weeks of a similar situation on Hyde Park Avenue before the city finally brought in snow throwers to clear the roadway.

Emergency crews on Asticou Road on Monday, Jan. 26, 2015.

Forest Hills Station Shootings: Bystander Hit in Back Will Live

Transit Police say a 62-year-old woman shot in the back during Monday's gunplay at busy Forest Hills Station will survive. "For that, we are truly thankful," wrote Lt. Richard Sullivan in an email to Jamaica Plain News. The woman hit in the back isn't believed to have been a target of the gunfire. Nor was a younger woman who was grazed in the back of the head when someone fired a series of shots from the 39 Bus exit back into the station at 2 p.m. Monday. 'Senseless Act of Violence'

Transit Police have stepped up patrols.