Casey Project Hits Demolition Milestone

So long, Casey Overpass @universalhub @02130News
— Clay Harper (@ArborwayMatters) April 30, 2015

On Thursday, removal of the abutments on the Arborway side of the Casey Overpass began, as documented by JP transportation enthusiast Clay Harper. State officials have said removal of the overpass itself would begin in May. Residents might differ on whether this marks the official end of the Casey Overpass, since traffic continues to be allowed across, though there have been temporary closures recently. But no matter how you look at it, giant jackhammers gnawing away at structures integral to the bridge has to mean something. Jamaica Plain News has established a count-down clock, which we run to the right on desktops or below this story on mobile devices.


Proposal: Make Murray Circle Into Two Roundabouts

Proposal for changes to Murray Circle. Credit: Toole Design Group
A historic overhaul of the Arborway could be in the works, with the aim of improving pedestrian and bike safety. This week the Department of Conservation and Recreation held two public meetings at the Arboretum where a design firm put out a "starter idea" that's sure to get Jamaica Plain talking: Take the big rotary where Centre meets the Arborway and turn it into two roundabouts. That's just one of the big ideas floated this week. Resident Clay Harper attended both meetings and published an informative summary at his "Arborway Matters" blog.


Forever Autumn

A newly-painted utility box at the Arborway rotary on Centre Street. Taken November 2014 by Bob Goodman. Bob Goodman noticed this freshly-painted utility box on the Arborway rotary on Centre Street. Thanks for sharing this, Bob! Each weekday we post an image from around the neighborhood.

Crash on Arborway, Monday, Oct. 13, 2014

Car Flips in Arborway Crash

UPDATE: Despite how serious the wreck looked, no one was hospitalized. ~~~~~

A wreck on the Arborway Monday drew a response from multiple fire trucks and ambulances, according to a resident who witnessed the aftermath. Although a car flipped over, no one was taken the hospital as a result of the crash, according to State Trooper Reid Bagley. The wreck took place just after 3:30 p.m. and closed the roadway for about an hour. The incident took place between Murray Circle and the Casey Overpass, across from 246 Arborway.


Arborway Crossing: No Improvements Despite DCR Report

It has been five months and counting since the DCR made public its findings that the Arborway Crossing is dangerous and in need of improvement, but so far nothing--not even a temporary measure--has been done to make the crossing safer. For more information, see Chris Helms' article below, as well as the DCR's report (link below). The DCR can be contacted here:

Arborway Crossing Safety Under Examination Tuesday Night

The DCR's report is viewable here: