Eastern Bank Robbed

A mustachioed and goateed robber knocked over Eastern Bank in busy Centre/South on Tuesday morning. Boston Police report receiving a panic alarm from the 687 Centre St. bank at 10:12 a.m. A bank employee told officers a man walked into the bank and said he wanted to open an account. He tried to pass a note written on a legal-size envelope, but the teller couldn't retrieve it, police report. The man repeatedly told the teller, "Give me what's in your hand, this is a robbery!"


Mt. Washington Bank Robbed — Again

A bank robber passed a note asking for money at Mt. Washington Bank, 515 Centre St., on Tuesday afternoon. The robbery happened at 3:42 p.m., said David Estrada, a spokesman for the Boston Police. According to scanner traffic heard by the indispensable Universal Hub, here's a description of the robber and the unexpected dash of red he may have on his outfit. Bank suspect: Black, 30-40, 5'6", skinny, black and brown jacket, ran down Centre towards Forest Hills #jamaicaplain— Adam Gaffin (@universalhub) October 21, 2014

Bank update: Dye pack exploded as robber left bank, so he should be coated in red #jamaicaplain— Adam Gaffin (@universalhub) October 21, 2014

Estrada said he couldn't confirm a suspect description, but if that changes, we'll update this report.