Some Oppose Restaurant for ‘Barlett Square 2’ Development

After a false start in March, Maple Hurst Builders came back to the community again on Wednesday evening with a fresh proposal for the vacant lot opposite Green Street from their 2012 development, Bartlett Square 1. Called Bartlett Square 2, it would be a four-story building with 15 apartments over ground floor office and commercial spaces, including a restaurant to be called "Havana Pete's." JP developer Chris DeSisto presented his plans at an Article 80 Small Project Review, a requirement for the five zoning variances he requires before construction can begin. DeSisto said that Bartlett Square 2 would be all rental so that Maple Hurst "could have a revenue stream for other projects." Maple Hurst, through its subsidiary 2 Bartlett Square LLC, would own and manage the new building and the businesses.

Rendering of "Bartlett Square 2" as proposed in a June 2015 filing with the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Four-Story ‘Bartlett Square 2’ Proposed for Lot Beside Green Street T

A Jamaica Plain builder who in March failed to get support from a bellwether neighborhood committee for the liquor license he'll need for a casual seafood restaurant next to Green Street T has filed plans for the entire development. Chris DeSisto of Maple Hurst Builders aims to anchor a new multi-use building at the corner of Green and Amory with a restaurant. "Bartlett Square 2" would mirror many aspects of his existing Bartlett Square building across the street. Differences include that instead of condos, the new building would have 15 apartments, office space and retail. The JP Neighborhood Council's Public Service Committee deadlocked in March on whether to back the booze license.