Photos: Local Birder Catches Winged Wonders in Arnold Arboretum

Local photographer Chris Lang has a penchant for taking great photos of birds in the Arnold Arboretum. "I think photographing birds, really most of my photography, is just a way for me to slow myself down and simply look around," said Lang. "A way for me to explore what's around us all every day and to find something unique, something beautiful that perhaps when I'm rushing to work or running errands I would completely miss. I find it to be very centering, especially given all the craziness in the world these days." Lang added that he doesn't have a favorite type of bird to photograph, but he's looking for bald eagles to photograph. Hey Chris -- bald eagles have been seen at Jamaica Pond!


Introduction to Birds and Birding

The Arboretum provides a home for over 100 bird species every year. This workshop will provide tips for identifying some of the most common species in our landscape, while also touching on topics such as basic bird anatomy, seasonal migration and common migrants, and binocular selection. Following the in-class segment, we'll take a walk through the landscape and put our skills to use. Fee $32

Register at or call 617-384-5277.

How Birds Migrate

Bird migration is one of the most remarkable phenomena in nature. Arctic terns migrate from their breeding grounds in the Arctic to Antarctica and back each year. Red knots migrate from Alaska to the southern tip of South America. How do they do it? Lorna Gibson will describe the why, when, and where of migration, how fast and far birds travel and how they find their way.

Young Birder’s Scavenger Hunt


Programming for Children and Families

Children ages 5-12 and their families are invited to join the Emerald Necklace Conservancy for a program of Nature, Art and Craft activities in the Emerald Necklace parks, held Sundays from 10:00am to Noon. Activities are free - but participants must register in advance by emailing Ellen Arnstein


Learn the characteristics of the 15 most common birds of the Emerald Necklace parks and Boston neighborhoods. Use your personal field guide (supplied) to complete a scavenger hunt through the woods and track your spotting skills. Meet at the 99 Steps near Ellicott Arch in Franklin Park, Sunday May 20, 10:00am

Tagged Parakeet Found Near Faulkner Hospital

Here's a pic of parakeet. In Boston animal control's possession now. @universalhub— Tillie Jupiter (@tilliejupiter) April 19, 2015

Social media was full of parakeet sightings on Saturday. The Real Lenny reported seeing one in his backyard, behind Faulkner Hospital. @universalhub found parakeet in my back yard— The Real Lenny (@3lcj) April 18, 2015

Tillie Jupiter was able to get closer and actually tempt the bird inside.