Read the Sign: Keep Dogs Leashed at All Times in the Arnold Arboretum

In recent months the Arnold Arboretum has put up several signs letting people know that dogs must be leashed. There has been a recent push by arboretum staff for all dogs to be leashed after the August 19th killing of a beloved heron by two dogs. This sign was recently put up near the Hunnewell Building entrance. It clearly lets people know the rule -- all dogs must be leashed at all times. But from one simple glance near the sign people are disavowing the signs and not leashing their dogs. Equating the Arnold Arboretum to botanical gardens, the sign clearly stresses that dogs are not allowed in most botanical gardens, but they are allowed in the arboretum.


Tagged Parakeet Found Near Faulkner Hospital

Here's a pic of parakeet. In Boston animal control's possession now. @universalhub— Tillie Jupiter (@tilliejupiter) April 19, 2015

Social media was full of parakeet sightings on Saturday. The Real Lenny reported seeing one in his backyard, behind Faulkner Hospital. @universalhub found parakeet in my back yard— The Real Lenny (@3lcj) April 18, 2015

Tillie Jupiter was able to get closer and actually tempt the bird inside.