Sheetrocking & Taping Workshop

Sheetrocking and taping is a skill that will benefit virtually all homeowners, whether you’re building a new wall or repairing an old one. This class from Boston Building Resources includes how to measure and cut drywall, apply it to studs, and tape and compound the joints for a smooth finish surface. Patching existing walls will also be shown. Through demonstration and some hands-on, you’ll learn how to make your walls look their best. This is a two-part workshop.

Installing a Door and a Window Workshop

This hands-on class from Boston Building Resources will help you learn how to replace a door or to hang a door in a finished opening where the jamb is already in place. We will cover fitting the door to the opening, including trimming a Reuse Center door to size and making a door work in an opening that may not be quite plumb and square. We will also install a window in a rough opening, with attention paid to creating a watertight installation and sealing against air infiltration.

Remodeling Older Homes

If you have an older home, learn how to preserve the character you love while also making updates to meet your needs. This workshop from Boston Building Resources will offer tips on caring for an older home, including historic wood windows, approaches to large renovation projects, seasonal maintenance, ways to learn the history of your house, and paint color selection.

Demystifying Plaster Repair Workshop

If you have an old house that has walls of lath and plaster, this is the workshop from Boston Building Resources for you. Learn how to repair walls that are cracked, or where the plaster is pulling away from the lath, by using a bonding adhesive to reattach the plaster. We will learn how to assess problem areas, apply the adhesive, and finish the area for a smooth, even appearance.

Table Saw Magic Workshop

Learn to use the properties of the table saw to do seemingly complex tasks. In this workshop from Boston Building Resources, first we will cover basic parts of the tool and important safety considerations. We will then learn how to make a few jigs, and, with simple settings (and almost no measuring), we will work our charms.

Window Reglazing & Glass Replacement Workshop

Replacing a broken windowpane can be a very satisfying part of restoring an older window and will go a long way to making your home look its best. In this hands-on workshop from Boston Building Resources, you will learn how to remove old glazing putty, prepare the sash, and secure the new glass pane in place with points and fresh glazing. Participants should bring in a window sash to work on.

Kitchen Design Workshop

The kitchen is the heart of one’s home, and this two-part workshop from Boston Building Resources will cover everything you need to know to design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. In Part 1 (September 21), we start with a basic floor plan and cover the many variables that must be considered: appliance standards, door and window openings, storage needs, budget, and more. In Part 2 (September 28), we examine cabinets and countertops—materials, styles, and price ranges. Participants may submit floor plans of their individual projects, and one will be chosen at random for examination in greater detail.

Advanced Table Saw Workshop

If you have taken the Table Saw Magic workshop from Boston Building Resources in the past, this class will take you to the next level. Learn to make box joints and compound tapers. You can also make a cross-cut jig for your own table saw.

Heating Systems Workshop

Many homeowners think of a heating system as "the monster in the basement," but, in reality, heating systems are not as intimidating as they may seem. In this class from Boston Building Resources, we'll cover hot water, forced hot air, and steam systems. We'll also discuss ways to improve energy efficiency, review the cost-effectiveness of insulating pipes, and demonstrate how to do preventive maintenance and adjustments.

Wood Restoration with Epoxy Workshop

Is rotted wood plaguing your windowsills, sashes, porch decking, column bases, wood gutters, or siding? With Flex-Tec epoxy, you can repair these areas without replacing the wood. It remains resilient and flexible so it can expand and contract with the surrounding wood to stand the test of time.  This hands-on workshop from Boston Building Resources will include how to handle, apply, and shape this product for use in a variety of applications.