Curtis Hall Community Center Gym Closed Jan. 30 to March 2

The Curtis Hall Community Center's gym will be closed from Jan. 30, to March 2, for floor refinishing, painting, and more thanks to the Boston Celtics and TD Bank, according to

The full work includes:

Gym floor work/refurbishing (repairs, sanding, coating, lines/logos/designs, finish sealing)

Wall painting and repairs on both lower and upper walls

Wall graphics on select areas

Repairs to all 4 backboard/hoops with the possible addition of 2 side backboard to increase playing capacity (should budget allow)

Gym users can check the BCYF registration page to find where their program has moved due to the closure. Nearly all BCYF Curtis Hall gym programming has been relocated to other BCYF centers during the gym closure. Other areas of the building are not affected.