Jamaica Pond Reopens after Blue-Green Algae Bloom

The Boston Public Heath Commission said in a statement that recreational activities, including fishing and boating, may resume at Jamaica Pond following last month's detection of blue-green algae, which the Commission said was potentially fatal if ingested. The announcement comes after two consecutive weeks of testing showed algae concentration below the state-recommended limit of 70,000 cells/milliliter. However, residents looking for place to beat the summer heat with a cool evening swim can keep looking: Swimming has been banned in Jamaica Pond since 1975 because it serves as one of the city's backup water supplies, according to boston.com.


JP is Fourth-Most Cutthroat Real Estate Market in Nation

Boston.com talked to real estate company Redfin about a new survey that bears out what many would-be JP homeowners will tell you: Our neighborhood is brutal for buyers. Redfin puts 02130 as the fourth-most competitive Zip Code in the nation. That's behind three Zips in San Francisco. Nearly three out of four homes sold here last year brought in multiple offers. And 60 percent of sales went for more than asking.