‘Lead Pig’ Caused HAZMAT Situation at Boomerangs

As news helicopters flew overhead Centre Street last Thursday, city police and fire officials had to shut down the area due to a lead pig. Do you know what a "lead pig" is? No? Well, a very intelligent Boomerangs employee knew that the donated item is used to transport radioactive material. And at an abundance of caution, Boomerangs contacted police and fire, who followed HAZMAT regulations.


Heath Street Water Main Break Collapses Road, Floods Streets

Crews are repairing parts of Heath Street on Monday after a huge water main break on Saturday morning flooded the street and surrounding streets, displacing more than a dozen people, and collapsing part of the road. The main broke early Saturday morning and water quickly spread through the neighborhood. It was so severe Boston Fire Department brought in its High Water Rescue Vehicle to check houses to evacuate affected residents. https://twitter.com/BostonFire/status/1614238718822420483

The water buckled part of the street. The steps of the Hennigan School became a cascading waterfall from the flooding.


One Person Dies From Union Avenue Fire

One person died from an early morning two alarm fire on Union Avenue on Dec. 26. Boston Firefighters responded to a fire at 24 Union Avenue in Jamaica Plain around 4 am. A fire was visible upon their arrival tweeted the Boston Fire Department. One person was brought to the hospital with life threatening injuries and was pronounced deceased several hours later at the hospital.


No One Injured After Stones Fall Off Blessed Sacrament Church

For two days in a row the Boston Fire Department visited the Blessed Sacrament Church to attend to falling stones from the building. On Nov. 24, the Boston Fire Department tweeted that, "Some of the beautiful coping stones have show they're aging by falling to the steps below." No injuries were caused by the falling stones. The Blessed Sacrament Church is owned by Hyde Square Task Force, which purchased it in 2014 with the intent of redeveloping it into a community center.


Video: 3-Year-Old Gives Amazing Tour Highlighting Jamaica Plain!

A young boy (and his mother) made an incredible one-minute video highlighting all of his favorite things about Jamaica Plain -- the restaurants, train stations, barber shop, libraries, bicycles, karate classes -- and more! Holding a toy train to start, Santiago Arroyo begins in front of the Egleston Square mural across from the T and makes his way to the Egleston Community Garden, and then moves on to restaurants by highlighting the original Chilacates, JP Licks (what kid doesn't like ice cream?), Pikalo, and Exodus Bagels. He shouts out all the bicycles to ride, neighborhood libraries and playgrounds, mentions he takes karate classes with his mother and grandmother(!), and talks up the firefighters of Engine 28. Then he really gets into the action -- by getting a trim at Flaco's Barber Shop, and a teeth cleaning at the Brookside Community Health Center. He ends by showcasing JP's T stops.


Video: Boston Firefighter Rescues Dog That Fell Through Ice in Jamaica Pond

A dog named Maggie needed to be rescued by a Boston Firefighter from Jamaica Pond after falling through the ice on Feb. 23rd. Here is a video of the daring rescue by Boston Firefighter Mike Ronayne, which shows how he crawled out on the ice while wearing a suit designed to combat frigid water temperatures. At one point the firefighter also fell through the ice. But without much delay he was able to rescue the dog, pulling it out from the water, and Maggie the dog happily walked away and joined her owner on land.


$6,000 and Counting Raised for Creighton Street Fire Victims

JP is responding to help the nine residents displaced by Saturday's fire on Creighton Street. The fire caused an estimated $700,000 damage to a six-unit house at 12-14 Creighton. One person was taken to a hospital after slipping and falling, Boston EMS reported. Resident Shamus Moynihan has set up a "Go Fund Me" campaign to aid the victims. At the time of posting this article, the campaign had raised $6,015. For more on the blaze, please see our initial story.


3-Alarm Fire on Creighton Street Displaces Nine

A heavy fire broke out on Creighton Street in Jamaica Plain's Hyde Square around 5 p.m. Saturday evening displacing nine people. The Boston Fire Department tweeted that one resident was treated and taken by Boston EMS to a hospital after tripping and falling. No one else was injured. The estimated damage was $700,000 to a 3.5-story six-unit house at 12-14 Creighton St., reported the BFD. At least nine residents were displaced and Red Cross Massachusetts was responding to help.