Manning School Adding a Grade in 2020, Will Be K-6

Ask and ye shall receive. At least that's the case for the Joseph P. Manning Elementary School. As the school will be adding a sixth grade starting in 2020, just as the school's administration wanted. The Manning School's grade expansion is one of many changes announced by the Boston Public Schools in regards to numerous school expansions and reconfigurations as part of the BuildBPS plan. The Manning School is one of 17 elementary schools transitioning from K-5 to K-6 in September 2020.


BTU Unafraid Educators Help Undocumented Students Thru Workshops, Scholarships and More

A group of Jamaica Plain educators are part of an organization that is fighting for the rights of undocumented Boston Public School students. Jamaica Plain residents Adriana Costache and Maya Taft-Morales have been working with BTU Unafraid Educators for more than two years, or as Maya Taft-Morales described it -- since Trump was elected. Both fielded questions about their involvement in the organization. Q: What school do you teach in, and what do you teach? Costache: I teach math and science to English learners at Fenway High School.


School Committee Chair: Federal Government Must Maintain Funding for Boston Public Schools

The last time I visited a Congressional office, I sat at the knee of the Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill. He gave me a Celtics pennant, which (rumor had it) was given to him by Red Auerbach following the Celtics championship run earlier that year. It was 1986, and I was eight years old. This past March, I returned to Capitol Hill with my Boston School Committee colleague, Jamaica Plain native Michael O’Neill, and representatives from the Boston Public Schools (BPS) and the city of Boston to ask our representatives and senators to preserve federal funding for our schools. Boston, like many other large urban districts around the country, has faced declining federal revenue streams during the last several years.