Surprise! Upper Busway Canopy Work Began Saturday

To the surprise of many, the upper busway opposite the Arnold Arboretum began being taken apart on Saturday. Riders had to look for their bus in the temporary lot further down Washington Street. T personnel were on hand to direct riders transferring off the Orange Line. MassDot notified the community Friday that demolition would begin over the weekend of Oct. 3-5, but contractors are taking down panels two weeks earlier.


Forest Hills Busway Canopy to be Razed Beginning Oct. 3

MassDOT  announced that beginning 1 am Sat Oct 3 through 5 am Monday Oct 5 working around the clock , Barletta Heavy Construction will remove the canopy over the upper busway (opposite the Arboretum). All buses will be diverted to the Hyde Park Avenue busway during that week end. The upper canopy was designed as an integral part of Forest Hills Station by  Cambridge Seven Associates. It  opened in 1987.  

A protester holds up a sign at a May 7, 2015 meeting on the Casey Arborway.

Baker Admin: Casey Arborway Project Should ‘Proceed as Planned’

Residents who want the state to rethink not rebuilding a bridge over Forest Hills recently learned the new Baker Administration backs the existing, at-grade scheme. The advocacy group Bridging Forest Hills posted to its Facebook page on Thursday a letter from Mindy d'Arbeloff, deputy chief of staff for Governor Charlie Baker. Below is a copy of the letter:

Dear John and Edward,

Thank you for your visit on Monday. A lot of important issues were raised and your groups’ involvement in this project is commendable. We have spent the past couple of days engaged with MassDOT staff, gathering all relevant documentation and evaluating the planning and design processes.


How the Chicken Crossed the Street

Hi, has anyone found a good way to get around the Forest Hills T station, specifically how to get from the Hyde Park entrance to South St towards Centre St, when the crosswalks are all blocked off (such as when they do night work)? I cross at Hyde Park/New Washington/Washington and then have to walk along side new washington (parallel to the southwest corridor). This area is isolated because of the tall grass which blocks visibility from the street, and especially in the evenings feels a bit unsafe. Any good alternatives? See all our Casey Overpass/Casey Arborway coverage here.


Casey Arborway Update: A View Not Seen Since 1893

Casey Arborway clearing, Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Credit: Richard Heath

These photographs, taken on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., are a reminder of what the clearing of the original Arborway looked like when it was begun in 1893. Not certain if Charles George Trash was in business at that time... See all our Casey Overpass/Casey Arborway coverage here.