Miracle Cat Survives Nine Story Plunge and a Frigid Night Outside

A beloved pet cat is lucky to be alive after falling from a nine story balcony on Halloween and landing on a concrete patio, shattering his jaw and two of his legs and suffering a host of other serious injuries, according to Jamaica Plain's Angell Animal Medical Center. Simba, who lives with the Jardus family in Brookline, was enjoying a typical quiet Halloween evening with his family when things suddenly took a turn. “My mother was visiting and she inadvertently left him outside on the balcony where, at some point, he fell all the way down to the patio below,” said Victoria Jardus. Critically injured, Simba laid by the side of the building, enduring overnight temperatures that fell into the twenties before he was found the next afternoon. Victoria rushed him to Angell, where doctors worked feverishly to stabilize him.


Frisky Feline ‘Starfish’ is Lucky to be Alive after Losing a Leg in Car Strike in South Boston

A friendly, ghost-white cat now named “Starfish” is lucky to be alive after she was rushed to the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center on April 27 by a good Samaritan who found her injured and cowering under a car in South Boston during a rain storm, the MSPCA-Angell announced on May 10. The cat—who MSPCA staffers believe is about seven months old—weighs about eight pounds and was wearing a red collar when she was found but had no identification tag or microchip, making it impossible to identify an owner. She arrived critically injured, with her left hind leg nearly crushed and her rear right paw stripped away, likely from being trapped and dragged under the wheel of a car. Scared, Broken and Cold
Starfish was found hiding underneath a car on the corner of Summer and East Second Street in South Boston, streets adjacent to a number of active construction zones and marked by high-speed traffic. Laura (Savard) Gallagher, a nearby resident, spotted her beside the car’s wheel as a cold rain drenched the neighborhood.


Long Suffering ‘Scottish Fold’ Kitten Arrives in Boston by Way of NYC and Ukraine

If cats could talk we would be amazed by the stories they could tell. Such is the case with Scottie, a four-month-old purebred Scottish Fold kitten surrendered to the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in November in very ill health and a back story that beggars belief. Scottie was bred in the Ukraine and then imported to a kitten reseller in New York. She was then purchased online by an individual in Boston and shipped to Massachusetts. Owing to her long and arduous journey—as well as the premature separation from her mother—Scottie arrived with a severe upper respiratory infection, and she was significantly underweight.


MSPCA Rescues Street Kitten Whose Collar had Embedded Into Her Skin

A social and outgoing kitten now named “Nickie” is breathing a sigh of relief at the MSPCA-Angell after shelter veterinarians surgically removed a collar last Thursday that had embedded itself so deeply into her neck that her skin had grown around it. Nickie was spotted several times in Dorchester by an anonymous good Samaritan who ultimately came to her aid, plucking her from the street and bringing her to the shelter on Nov. 1. Dr. Cynthia Cox, director of shelter medicine for the MSPCA, was first to examine Nickie, who remained friendly and gentle throughout despite the pain associated with the collar growing into her skin. “This unfortunately is an injury we’ve seen before,” said Dr. Cox, who surgically removes collars from one or two cats every year—even as dozens more arrive at the shelter with “severely constricted” collars.


Homeless Cats from Hurricane-Ravaged St. John Coming to Jamaica Plain

On Tuesday the MSPCA-Angell took in 34 cats from the St. John Animal Care Center on St. John, the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands that was left devastated when Hurricane Irma barreled through as a category 5 storm on Sept. 6, clocking wind gusts of up to 200 miles per hour. The cats arrived at Nashua Airport in Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday evening.


MSPCA in ‘Now or Never’ Bid to Save Cat’s Leg (And Her Life)

If it’s true that cats have nine lives young “Oreo” has barely another to spare after a run-in with a car left her critically injured and in the care of the emergency veterinary staff at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain, where she is undergoing revolutionary treatment to save her life. Oreo arrived at Angell after she was hit by a car on a busy street in Lawrence, Mass. on May 20 and taken to Bulger Veterinary Hospital in North Andover. Her injuries were catastrophic: the accident left her with a mangled front left leg and with most of the skin torn away from her right hind leg, which was also fractured in multiple places. Oreo’s overwhelmed owners opted to surrender her, and the newly homeless kitty was then sent to the MSPCA-Nevins Farm, which took responsibility for her care.


MSPCA-Angell Rescues Nearly 80 Cats from Fall River Home, Now Need New Homes

Fifty-four cats are safe after they were removed from a hoarding house in Fall River on Tuesday and transported to the MSPCA-Angell’s animal care and adoption centers in Centerville, Mass., the organization announced on Wednesday. The cats were voluntarily surrendered by their previous owner, who reached out to MSPCA Law Enforcement officer Chelsea Weiand last week after the number of cats in his home ballooned to nearly 80 and he could no longer care for them. A total of 78 cats were removed, with the Fall River Animal Control facility taking in 24. “This was a case in which someone was overwhelmed and did the right thing by asking for help,” said Weiand. No charges have been filed against the previous owner, whose identity has not been released.


Critically Injured Cat ‘Thrown Away Like Trash’ Gets Second Chance at Life

A one-year-old cat named “Gingerbread” is recovering from life-saving surgery at the MSPCA after a Waltham Animal Control officer rushed the critically injured animal to its Waltham facility on Dec. 9. Gingerbread was found locked inside a plastic and metal cat carrier along with a blanket, but with no food or water. The carrier was left alongside a dumpster in the back of a residence in Waltham. The city’s Animal Control officer Deanna Gualtieri, responding to a tip from a good Samaritan who found her, rushed the cat to the MSPCA-West where she was stabilized before being taken to Boston.


MSPCA-Angell and Animal Rescue League of Boston Host ‘Cats-Giving Food Drive’ for Homeless Cats

Together the MSPCA-Angell and the Animal Rescue League of Boston place hundreds of cats into new homes every year. So many more cats — living beyond the walls of animal shelters but no less deserving of our collective compassion — rely on an army of unsung human heroes who ensure these cats have food to eat every day — rain, snow or shine. The two organizations are asking for donations of wet or dry cat food to be brought to their respective adoption centers from Friday, Nov. 18 to Sunday, Nov. 20.


Meet Sikuwar, Ivy Insurance’s New Shop Cat

There's a new shop cat at Ivy Insurance, and he's already delighting both the business' owner and the Jamaica Plain neighborhood at large, following beloved shop cat Ivy II's passing in August. "He's a very, very sweet cat," said Ivy Insurance owner Tim Foley of the beautiful 16-year-old feline. "He's extremely friendly and a little shy." Like his predecessor, the cat in the insurance company's window on South Street was quickly spotted by passersby, and there's little doubt he will become popular and celebrated like Ivy II. The "new" cat was previously named Sugar.