City Feed Employees Vote in Support of Union

The employees of City Feed and Supply have voted in support of forming a union. Employees voted 20-10 in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on June 14 to be an affiliate of Boston Industrial Workers of the World (Boston IWW). "We'd like to thank every one of our coworkers, our community for showing up for us, and our worker-organizers and external organizers from the IWW," said a City Feed statement. "We're looking forward to beginning a collective bargaining process with City Feed management and continuing to build a democratic worker-led union, to better our conditions and reach a contract agreement that works for all of us. This is a clear path for better working conditions, a true voice at work, and dignity for all.


City Feed Owners ‘Will Not Be Voluntarily Recognizing’ Employees’ Unionization Effort

The owners of City Feed and Supply informed their employees that they will not be voluntarily recognizing their desire to unionize. Owners David Warner and Kristine Cortese provided a letter to City Feed employees on April 9 informing them of their decision. "We believe that we can accomplish more together, and work through our obstacles without a third party between us. We don't believe that joining a union is the only way forward for the workers of City Feed and Supply. A union will cost us all money, and demand a substantial amount of time; time that could be spent building back the business from the pandemic into a place where we can all work together and thrive," says the letter.


City Feed Employees File Petition to Unionize

Employees of City Feed and Supply's two Jamaica Plain stores have filed a petition to form a union. "The workers of City Feed and Supply are organizing for the right to collectively bargain for equitable and living wages, healthcare and benefits, and a voice at work over issues of safety, harassment, COVID sick leave, and other working conditions that affect our physical, emotional, and financial well-being," says an site encouraging people to support for the workers union movement. WGBH reported that employees want to join the Boston branch of the Industrial Workers of the World union, which represents about 9,000 workers across the country. City Feed employees are part of a movement across the region of employees of small businesses looking to unionize. WGBH reported that 30 percent of workers need to sign cards or a petition in support of a union for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election.


Community Fridge Now Available Behind City Feed

A community fridge was recently placed behind City Feed and Supply on Centre Street and people are welcome to take and provide food as they please. David Warner, president and co-founder of City Feed and Supply, said an employee brought the idea of a community fridge at the location to his attention. He reached out to chef Irene Li of Mei Mei to learn more about it, and decided to give it a try. "We thought that location would be the most convenient as well as out of the way as much as possible of cars and where we could get power to it," said Warner, in regards to the placement of the fridge. "We paid to have the electrical installed for it, but the volunteers have covered all of the other costs involved as well as make sure the area is monitored and maintained."


Fundraising Campaign to Help Centre Street Bizs Adapt to New Reality of Outdoor Seating and More

Restaurants are now allowed to have customers inside at a reduced capacity, and to help offset the loss of customers, outdoor seating has been expanded for many eateries. To help cover some of the costs for businesses due to the pandemic, JP Centre/South Main Streets is holding a fundraising campaign to pay for things such as outdoor seating. The campaign runs through July 22 and has a target goal of $40,000, and as of July 8 had raised $3,545. JP Centre/South Main Streets is also letting customers know that businesses are open by asking them to put an orange balloon outside of their location. Business owners David Doyle of a trio of restaurants Tres Gatos, Little Dipper, and Casa Verde, and David Warner of City Feed & Supply, recently partnered to purchase the required jersey barriers (water-filled) for outdoor seating areas.