Restaurant Reopening: Costello’s Tavern is Back

Costello's Tavern, one of Jamaica Plain's favorite bars, recently reopened on Centre Street. The Tavern closed during the pandemic in 2020 and earlier this month teased on Facebook that it was starting to look like "Drinkmas". Costello's reopened on Dec. 20, is accepting credit cards, but the kitchen is still under construction. Stop in for a drink or two, and help a local institution get back on its feet.


Joey McIntyre’s New Video Brings Him Back to The Footlight Club & Jamaica Plain

Joey McIntyre's new video Own This Town begins where his theatrical career started -- The Footlight Club. Before he was hangin' tough with the New Kids On The Block, McIntyre was in several shows in our beloved neighborhood's community theater. After all, he grew up in Jamaica Plain, and his mother was in Footlight performances for decades. His video starts off in The Footlight Club, where they filmed in recent weeks. Then he takes a car ride through Jamaica Plain, clearly reminiscing as many of our local spots are shown -- Costello's Tavern, J.P. Licks, the Soldier's Monument, St Thomas Aquinas Parish, and the post office.


Arborway Yard Community Meeting Set for Wednesday

Good morning, neighborhood. Welcome back to more seasonable weather, with a high of 72 expected. Here's your Morning Memo for all things JP. What's Up at the Arborway Yard?: The “temporary” bus yard that’s been at Forest Hills for 15 years is 18 acres of prime real estate that's starting to look different now that Forest Hills is becoming such a hot zone for development. The Gazette has the latest on the proposal to move the unsightly thing to American Legion Highway.