Letter: Resident Says Be Aware of Coyotes in JP

This past weekend, I was walking my 13-pound elderly cock-a-poo, midday, when at the corner of Greenough Ave and Elm St, a car pulled up to me and a woman leaned out, pointing, and said "Is that a coyote?" I spun around to see, not 20 feet from me, at eye-level because the yard is elevated, a large and healthy coyote. The coyote was large, long and slender, but not thin, and it was looking straight at me! I scooped up my little dog and asked if I could get into their car, which I was about to do, when the coyote loped off in the direction of Sedgwick Street. I thanked them profusely and ran home.


Video: Hear the Howl of a JP Coyote

You're probably vaguely aware you share your neighborhood with coyotes. But have you heard them call? Forest Hills' Ken Pope did on a recent walk. Pope said he was walking on a footpath near Forest Hills Station about 7 p.m. when he heard the call. The longtime resident posted on a neighborhood Facebook group that he recognized the sound from when he used to live in Los Angeles.


Coyote Relaxes on Arborway Porch

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Hello neighbors. Here's your Morning Memo for Monday, Sept. 22. Coyote Sightings: Of course you already know JP is home to coyotes. But on Friday, a resident reported one lounging on an Arborway porch, according to Universal Hub.