Coyotes at the Arnold Arboretum Collections

Coyotes exist throughout the Greater Boston area, and right here in Jamaica Plain, especially in greenspaces like the Arnold Arboretum. In early February, local resident Grace Holley tweeted photos and video of a coyote she saw eating an animal, right before it approached her and her dog. Seemingly in response the Arnold Arboretum posted an article about living with coyotes. The following article was originally posted on the Arnold Arboretum's website and is being republished on Jamaica Plain News with permission from the arboretum. Eastern coyote sightings in Boston parks and neighborhoods often make news headlines during the winter.


Letter: Resident Says Be Aware of Coyotes in JP

This past weekend, I was walking my 13-pound elderly cock-a-poo, midday, when at the corner of Greenough Ave and Elm St, a car pulled up to me and a woman leaned out, pointing, and said "Is that a coyote?" I spun around to see, not 20 feet from me, at eye-level because the yard is elevated, a large and healthy coyote. The coyote was large, long and slender, but not thin, and it was looking straight at me! I scooped up my little dog and asked if I could get into their car, which I was about to do, when the coyote loped off in the direction of Sedgwick Street. I thanked them profusely and ran home.


Video: Hear the Howl of a JP Coyote

You're probably vaguely aware you share your neighborhood with coyotes. But have you heard them call? Forest Hills' Ken Pope did on a recent walk. Pope said he was walking on a footpath near Forest Hills Station about 7 p.m. when he heard the call. The longtime resident posted on a neighborhood Facebook group that he recognized the sound from when he used to live in Los Angeles.


Coyote Relaxes on Arborway Porch

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Hello neighbors. Here's your Morning Memo for Monday, Sept. 22. Coyote Sightings: Of course you already know JP is home to coyotes. But on Friday, a resident reported one lounging on an Arborway porch, according to Universal Hub.