A Deer Went Swimming in Jamaica Pond

Seeing deer in Jamaica Plain isn't the rarest of animal sightings. Seeing a deer taking a dip in Jamaica Pond -- now that's a rare sighting! And that's what happened on Sunday when a deer took a rather lengthy dip in the pond. Numerous people posted about seeing the deer run through the neighborhood on a Jamaica Plain Facebook group. One person saw the deer on Centre Street running by Tres Gatos, another saw it run past their car and another person saw the deer take a rest in their backyard on St.


Car Strikes and Kills Deer on Jamaicaway

State Police confirm that a deer and car collided on the Jamaicaway early Sunday morning. The deer died. The incident took place about 2:10 a.m. at the intersection with Lochstead Avenue, State Police said. No humans were injured. @universalhub No pic for obvs reasons, but a car apparently struck and killed a deer on the J-way last night— αλκαλι (@alkali19) July 26, 2015