Forest Hills Public Works Yard Closes

Among the ripple effects of the new Casey Arborway is the closing of the Public Works Lighting Division Yard at Forest Hills Street. Bucket trucks, pick up trucks, lampposts, lightpole bases, huge wooden wheels of wire and other pieces of equipment have been moved to new buildings on Canterbury Lane off Morton Street. Opened in 1955, the yard was relocated from South Street where the Farnsworth House is today.  The new Forest Hills public works yard replaced the Forest Hills stables that rented horses for rides on the Franklin Park bridle paths for a half century. Here's a map of what the area would look like by the end of Casey Arborway construction (expected to be done by Sept. 30, 2016).


City Agencies Not Talking to One Another on New Seaver Street Sidewalk

A new sidewalk is nearing completion that will connect Egleston Square to the Egleston Square entrance to Franklin Park. Built under contract with the city's Public Works Department the sidewalk is long overdue

That's the good news. The bad news is the limit of the new concrete ended short of the park steps, leaving a shabby park entrance at the corner of Walnut Avenue and Seaver Street.  The rest of the way is old, crumbling concrete. According to Franklin Park Coalition Director Christine Poff, the Parks Department declined to participate in the sidewalk work; it only required that no parkland be taken.


City Offers Real-Time Snow Removal Data

On Monday the city debuted a new Web service that lets you see how much of your neighborhood has been plowed, which phase of the snow removal process the city is in and even the names of the plow drivers on duty in your area. The Web page,, allows you to enter your address and learn various aspects of the city's progress in your neighborhood. For instance, around 4 p.m. on Monday, there were two plow drivers working the area around Weld Hill Street. The page doesn't indicate exactly what borders it means. Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement that the new data tool was a collaboration of many parts of city government.


Public Works Gives Egleston a Thorough Snow Clearing

Boston Public Works clears the intersection of School and Washington Streets Sunday morning, Feb. 1, 2015. Credit: Richard Heath. Sunday morning Boston Public Works contractors were out in full force clearing the business district and intersections at Egleston Square. Sadly, a few motorists had their cars towed but the area was well marked. In one remarkable act of generosity, a tow truck driver had a car on his hook near Millennium Restaurant and was turning out when he backed up and dropped the car after being notified the work had been completed in that stretch.