The bus canopy, or what was left of it as of Sept. 21, 2015, as demolition of the shelter proceeds.

Taking a Bus at Forest Hills? Bring an Umbrella

If you commute through Forest Hills Station, you've gotten used to abrupt changes this fall. With rain expected all the rest of this week, that's going to mean soggy wait periods at the upper busway. Crews have removed portions of the canopy over the upper busway, leaving open air where panels once stood. Beginning this weekend the rest of the canopy is slated for demolition. Already, bus stops for all the upper busway routes have been condensed to one lane (the one that happens to already have its roof removed.)

As we recently reported, cabbies aren't happy about new arrangements that temporarily have them exiled down near the corner of Ukraine Way and Washington Street.


‘No One Can See Us Here’ — Cabbies Hate Stand’s Move Away from Forest Hills Station

The cab stand opposite Asticou Road was originally a straight walk away from the entrance to the Forest Hills terminal. That ended Wednesday when the taxis moved to a new reservation further south on Washington Street at the Ukraine Way intersection. A new traffic lane on Washington Street was created over the summer. The original tree-lined stone-faced terrace was removed and an asphalt sidewalk built against the train wall. All lights and utilities were moved over towards the wall and a new lane paved. But for what purpose? No one could answer that at the Massachusetts Department of Transformation open house held at Curtis Hall last Thursday.


Surprise! Upper Busway Canopy Work Began Saturday

To the surprise of many, the upper busway opposite the Arnold Arboretum began being taken apart on Saturday. Riders had to look for their bus in the temporary lot further down Washington Street. T personnel were on hand to direct riders transferring off the Orange Line. MassDot notified the community Friday that demolition would begin over the weekend of Oct. 3-5, but contractors are taking down panels two weeks earlier.


What a Difference Four Months Makes — Before, During and After Razing Of the Casey

Four months - 120 days - and the Casey Overpass is gone. As these photographs show, it is a vastly different Casey Arborway than on May 15 when the bridge was closed. The Bus 39 berth has been shifted to the upper busway opposite Asticou Road as workmen remove the final pier next to the headhouse. On Thursday, Mass DOT will host its regular monthly meeting at Curtis Hall Community Center, 20 South St., at 5 :30 p.m.

The three week work schedule, sent out on Monday, will include the removal of all rubble at the eastern (Franklin Park) and western (Arboretum) ends of the old bridge thus completing removal of the Casey Overpass. Work shifts now to the Forest Hills station and the new upper level busway opposite the Blackwell Footpath at the Arboretum

Drilled shaft caissons in the Hyde Park Avenue parking lot will be completed in preparation for the construction of poured concrete pillars that will support the extended busway platform.

A protester holds up a sign at a May 7, 2015 meeting on the Casey Arborway.

Baker Admin: Casey Arborway Project Should ‘Proceed as Planned’

Residents who want the state to rethink not rebuilding a bridge over Forest Hills recently learned the new Baker Administration backs the existing, at-grade scheme. The advocacy group Bridging Forest Hills posted to its Facebook page on Thursday a letter from Mindy d'Arbeloff, deputy chief of staff for Governor Charlie Baker. Below is a copy of the letter:

Dear John and Edward,

Thank you for your visit on Monday. A lot of important issues were raised and your groups’ involvement in this project is commendable. We have spent the past couple of days engaged with MassDOT staff, gathering all relevant documentation and evaluating the planning and design processes.