Should The First Church’s Burying Ground Be Used As A Dog Park? It Is Now

Neighbors of the historical First Church on Eliot Street use the burying ground as a dog park, which they're allowed to do by the church. But some neighbors aren't happy about the cemetery being used as a dog park. So there will be a public meeting to discuss the matter on July 29th. Currently dogs are allowed in the burying ground. There is a posted sign stating that visitors must be respectful of the cemetery, and be careful around the fragile gravestones.


JP Dog Park DCR Comment Period Ends

View the proposal here:

Support the dog park by submitting public comments at

Three Sites Proposed for Possible Dog Parks on Southwest Corridor

Eventually, there will be a dog park in Jamaica Plain. There have been numerous proposals through the years, but the community never bit for any of them. But the latest doggone effort by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which proposed three different possible sites along the Southwest Corridor for dog parks, seems to have some (four?) legs to it. At a DCR public meeting on August 2, state officials provided an overview of three possible locations. Click here to view the entire Department of Conservation and Recreation proposal.


MSPCA-Angell Dog Park Reopens, Professional Dog Walkers Not Allowed Anymore

The MSPCA-Angell dog park reopened Tuesday after being closed for several days while a fight between two dogs at the park was investigated. The dog fight occurred Aug. 18, with one dog suffering significant injuries. That dog was treated at Angell Animal Medical Center and then discharged, said Rob Halpin, director of public relations for MSPCA-Angell. Halpin said that following last week's incident, professional dog walkers are no longer permitted to use the park.


Beecher Street Park Will No Longer Be An Off-Leash Dog Area

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department has announced that Beecher Street Park will no longer be an off-leash area. Dogs are still allowed in the park, but now need to be leashed. Parks and Recreation Commissioner Chris Cook wrote a letter (posted below) to the Beecher Street Park Community expressing that two main opinions have been asserted in the last year about the park: "the need for open space for dogs in densely populated Jamaica Plain, and the difficulty of living near a dog park in such close quarters." Ultimately, the dogs' need for open space lost out, as Cook wrote, "...we have made the decision to discontinue the use of Beecher Street Park as an off-leash dog area." Cook said the department has tried to find alternative spaces for dogs in JP, but so far have been unsuccessful.