New Restaurant Alert: Ethiopian Cafe Inc. from Blue Nile Owner Coming to Hyde Square

Ethiopian restaurant Blue Nile is so popular that owner Yosef Haile is opening a second restaurant a few doors down in May called Ethiopian Cafe Inc.

The new restaurant will be located at 377 Centre St., which Aurum Hand Pies occupied until February. And while it isn't opening for at least a few weeks, a sign is already affixed to the exterior. Haile said he wanted to offer breakfast to supplement the morning dining options in the area, so the restaurant will serve American-style breakfast with some Ethiopian additions. The new restaurant will serve Ethiopian fare for lunch and dinner, which he said will differ from the offerings at Blue Nile. The cafe will also feature coffee -- and if you're never heard of Ethiopian coffee, just know that coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, so you know it must be good! Ethiopian-style coffee service will be offered, in a process that involves boiling, brewing and serving coffee in a clay pot called a jebena.