EvyTea Going National, Opening Second Tea Bar Thanks to $1 Million from Investors

Local Amory Street business EvyTea is expanding its production, distribution and will open a second tea bar thanks to $1 million of investment funding. Evy Chen created the cold-brewed tea business in 2012 with a production location in South Boston. EvyTea eventually grew out of that space and moved to its Jamaica Plain location to continue its brewing production, and also added a popular brick and mortar tea bar. EvyTea raised the $1 million in funding through the crowdfunding platform CircleUp, according to BostInno. Along with increasing production, EvyTea will open a restaurant in Charlestown.

Evy Chen, left, explains her bid to add alcoholic drinks to the lineup at her tea bar on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016.

Despite Objections, Boozy Tea Bar Bid Gains Approval

The idea of white tea mojitos being served along the Southwest Corridor Park raised eyebrows but ultimately won a thumb's up from a neighborhood advisory board. Tea Bar at EvyTea on Amory Street is seeking a full liquor license. If successful, the tiny tea house would serve drinks like adult hot chocolate and boozy chai. While several community members embraced the idea as innovative and just the thing for JP, others saw a dangerous precedent. Kristen Valachovic, owner of JP restaurant Vee Vee, spoke up for the plan by tea bar owner Evy Chen to add a kick to the tea house's options.


White Tea Mojitos? Yes, Please. Tea Bar at EvyTea Wants Alcohol License

Looking to broaden its menu and serve beverages like adult hot chocolate, white tea mojitos and boozy chai, Tea Bar at EvyTea is applying for an all-alcohol license. "We are applying for a full license to better serve the events and pop-ups we hold. The tea bar was built with a focus of being a community gathering space, a fun space and a happening space. The license will broaden our menu and allow us to grow and thrive in what we do best -- beverages," said Evy Chen, founder of EvyTea. "We are a tea bar focused on healthy, innovative and fun drinks.


Tea Bar by EvyTea is Brewing on Amory Street

It's tea time in Jamaica Plain -- cold-brew tea, to be exact. "Jamaica Plain is a really special community," said Evy Chen, founder of EvyTea, on a recent weekend as she overlooked a patio garden filled with families sipping tea and eating lunch amid the herbs outside her business' new Amory Street warehouse. "I never felt so much of a neighborhood feel as in JP." In Chen's native China, "we drink tea every day -- it's like milk in the U.S.," she said. When she first tried cold-brewed tea, she was "blown away" by its smoothness, natural sweetness and lack of bitterness, all with one-third the caffeine of hot-brewed teas.