Fiore’s Bakery and Sazama Real Estate Become Odd Couple ‘Roomies’

There aren't a lot of bakery-real estate offices. But the global pandemic has created a new world that led the delicious croissants of Fiore's Bakery to share the same space with Ken Sazama Real Estate. After being closed for five months due to the Coronavirus, Fiore's Bakery reopened with a twist -- a new business roommate as Sazama Real Estate set up shop where customer seating used to be. Charlie Fiore and Ken Sazama talked about what led them to this odd coupling of their businesses. Q: What made you come to this interesting business arrangement?


Photos: Food Glorious Food at Taste of Jamaica Plain

Ethiopian cuisine, delicious baked desserts, corny bread, locally brewed beer and stilt walkers were all part of the 23rd Annual Taste of Jamaica Plain on Thursday night. Held at Annunciation Hall on the VFW Parkway for the first time, the annual event serves as fundraiser for JP nonprofit Ecumenical Social Action Committee (ESAC),  and particularly its senior home programs and youth opportunity collaborative. Along with more than 20 restaurants, personal chefs, food businesses, there was a cash bar with beer and wine, raffle tickets being sold, a silent auction and live music.


Did Bumblebee from Transformers Visit Fiore’s Bakery? And He’s a Bernie Sanders Supporter

It sure looked like Bumblebee from Transformers was parked in front of Fiore's Bakery on South Street Monday evening. There are several things to be gleaned from this photo. Judging by this sighting, Bumblebee is apparently a Bernie Sanders supporter, and a dog lover to boot, judging by his bumper stickers. Second, he's not parked entirely legally, a portion of the car sitting outside the marked area. And third, did Bumblebee switch sides?!?! Because, as Michael Rousseau pointed out on Twitter, that's a Decepticon logo, aka, the symbol of the bad 'bots, and Bumblebee is an autobot, aka, one of the good guys!


New Patio Opening at Fiore’s This Weekend

If you've ever eaten at Fiore's Bakery on the weekend you know that it can often be hard to find a seat. But come this weekend there will be more seating thanks to a new wooden patio behind the restaurant that will be available to customers. To get to the patio you need to walk down the driveway on the side of the restaurant and then behind a free standing garage. The patio is tucked between the garage and a couple of parking spots.