Owners of Notorious Apartment House Hire Super, Agree to Add Cameras

The owners of one of the neighborhood's most notorious buildings have met with cops and taken steps to curb suspected drug use and other problems.

That's the word from police officers who discussed progress on the long list of complaints about a corner apartment house at 3116-3122 Washington/87 School streets. For more than two years, police and community groups have worked to improve the property. As officers reported during an April 1 meeting of the neighborhood's "Problem Properties" watch group, police and resident Michael Reiskind met with property owners Chris and George Stamatos on March 11. The meeting, convened at the Area E-13 station house, included Sgt. Beth Leary and Officers Carlos Lara and Carlos Martinez.


Prostitution, Drugs Said to Plague Washington Street Apartment House

For more than two frustrating  years, a neighborhood group charged with tackling eyesore buildings has monitored alleged prostitution and drug use at a four-story apartment house in Egleston Square. The property, at 3116-3122 Washington St. and 87  School St., is a perennial source of consternation at the Problem Properties Committee. The group is chaired by Michael Reiskind and Liana Poston, the latter on the staff of Rep. Liz Malia, D-Jamaica Plain. Representatives from Boston Police District E13 and Inspectional Services also attend.