Update: Wounded Arboretum Goats Recuperating; New Goats Brought In

Cappuccino and Geisha, the two female goats wounded in the Arnold Arboretum by an unleashed border collie Wednesday, are recuperating with non-life threatening injuries, and two new goats were brought to the arboretum Thursday morning to help eat invasive plants near Peters Hill. This why you leash your dogs people. Goat attacked in Arnold arboretum. @02130News pic.twitter.com/ANgLYP8jx9
— Nancy Nee Hanifin (@NancyNeeHanifin) September 28, 2016

"The staff [at the arboretum] has been terrific, and other than this unfortunate incident, the goats have enjoyed their time as well," said Sue Schortmann of The Goatscaping Company, which rents the goats to the arboretum. "We are so grateful to everyone: The [Arnold] Arboretum, the Boston Police and Boston Animal Control, and the veterinarian from Halifax Veterinary Service, who was wonderful about filling in as our regular veterinary service is on vacation.