GoFundMe Launched By Local Artist To Make Two ‘You Are Loved’ Murals in JP

Alex Cook has created more than 70 murals in 13 states with through his You Are Loved Mural Project, and he needs your help to make two new ones in Jamaica Plain. Cook plans on one mural being on the wall of JPizzle Kitchen at the corner of Robinwood Avenue and Centre Street, and the other at the Stone House. Those two murals would join the many that he's made from working with schools, businesses, shelters, and prisons. "The project uses art and community participation to create public works of art that support and celebrate each individual," wrote Cook on GoFundMe. "Between the pandemic, toxic politics, and just general negativity swirling around us, now is a great time to get back to the basics.


Salmagundi Closed Due to Flooding, Launches Online Fundraiser

Salmagundi, Jamaica Plain's beloved hattery and more store, will be closed for several weeks due to flooding that rained down through the roof, ruining merchandise. The store was flooded on February 2, and has since launched its own GoFundMe fundraiser to help them reopen. "We opened the door to find a flooded floor and water raining through the ceiling like a sieve. We quickly scattered bins and buckets to contain the gallons of water pouring in. We ran downstairs to find racks of merchandise soaked; the water had made its way through the floor of our shop to our finished stockroom.