The Jamaica Plain portion of the Orange Line, as seen on a subway car map.

It’s Shuttle Buses, Not Subway Service for Orange Line Next Two Weekends

Just in case subway riders haven't gotten a taste of Casey Arborway construction traffic, the T will be putting Orange Line passengers in shuttle buses this Saturday and Sunday, and again next weekend. The shuttle buses will be running so track and signal work can be done. The closures are in both directions from Ruggles to Forest Hills. Casey construction hours generally run through about 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays, though night work is slated to begin at 8 p.m. on Sunday, June 14, the last scheduled day of bus replacement service. For more on the subway closures, please visit the T's Website.

The Jamaica Plain portion of the Orange Line, as seen on a subway car map.

Yes, Orange Line Trains *Are* Running From Forest Hills

The MBTA had originally said that Tuesday rail service from Forest Hills would be like Monday's — AKA nada. But as of Tuesday morning, a reduced number of trains are making the trip from Forest Hills as far as Sullivan Square. The T's "Winter" page indicates Green Line trolleys still aren't running to JP. You'll have bus replacement service along the E line from Heath to Symphony on Tuesday. The Orange Line news wasn't widely publicized at first, as evidenced by this Tweet:

#OrangeLine running and basically empty to FH?

File photo: An inbound Orange Line train between Green and Stony Brook. April 2014.

No Subway or Trolley Service for JP on Monday

The beleaguered MBTA won't run subways on the Orange Line or the E-line trolley in Jamaica Plain on Monday. Instead, there'll be bus service from Forest Hills to Back Bay and from Heath Street to Northeastern. For more details, see the "Winter" page on the T's website. The T didn't run at all on Sunday during the most recent blizzard.

Hubway has returned to Jackson Square. The station wasn't operational on March 19, 2014 but is expected to be soon.

Signs of Spring: Crocuses and Hubway Stations

The bike rental network Hubway, which finally reached bike-crazed JP just last fall, is gearing up for a new season. Rental stations (sans bikes) are already in place outside the Green Street and Jackson Square T stations. Other JP stations are expected to include one at the post office, the Monument, Hyde Square (Barbara and Centre) and Egleston (Atherton and Washington). Hubway says it expects its stations to be fully operational in a few weeks. There has been talk of moving the Monument station to the Curtis Hall parking lot.