JP Honk Band Brings Holiday Cheer to Rozzie Square

The JP Honk Band turns up at the darndest places. Like Beacon Hill protests. Or escorting a JP resident through Downtown Crossing to pick up her senior T pass on her 65th birthday. On Thursday night, our neighbors in Roslindale Square got a taste of the itinerant street band. Here's a quick video.

The Jamaica Plain Honk Band participated in "Arts Matter" protests at the State House on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Naturally, JP is There at State House ‘Arts Matter’ Protest

It wouldn't be a surprise if every protest at the State House had a JP contingent, given the level of political activity in the neighborhood. Thanks to Rhea Becker, we happen to have a photo of JP in action at Wednesday's #ArtsMatter demonstrations on Beacon Hill. Jamaica Plain Honk Band was there to call for arts funding. If your JP group is in protests outside the neighborhood, consider uploading an item to our "From the Community" section. Jamaica Plain News can't be everywhere, but we love to help spread the word.