Love Love performs at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015.

8th Annual Jamaica Plain Music Festival on Sept. 8

More than 20 local musical acts (and The Footlight Club) will participate in the 8th Annual Jamaica Plain Music Festival this Saturday. "The JP Music Festival is a celebration of the music and incredible musicians of Jamaica Plain," says the tagline on the festival's website. The popular free musical festival will be held at the Pinebank Baseball Field by Jamaica Pond from from noon to 7 pm. It's a family-friendly event and there will be numerous food trucks so you can grab some grub, sit outside and enjoy the music in a relaxed setting. This year's scheduled performers include:
The Tom Appleman Band
Merrie Amsterburg
Eduardo Betancourt / Project
Bob Bradshaw Band
Andy California
The Footlight Club
Hallelujah The Hills
Ray Liriano
The Longwalls
New Aura
No Hugs
The Sheila Divine
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
Sidewalk Driver
The Submissions
This is Friendship 2018 (John Casey’s JP Bar Wars' Winner from The Galway House)
Chandler Travis Philharmonic Three-O
VogueX (Boston GLASS)
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?


Your Guide to the 2016 Jamaica Plain Music Festival

The Jamaica Plain Music Festival is here again! Enjoy 20 bands and celebrate your connections to the neighborhood you love. Here's everything you need to know to soak up the goodness of the 2016 Jamaica Plain Music Festival. Where: Pinebank Field

When: Noon to 7 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 10

Cost: Free!

Yoshi Walsh of Streight Angular at Jamaica Plain Music Fest 2015, following his jump off stage.

Yoshi Walsh of Streight Angular: Jamaica Plain’s Next Big Thing?

It is Saturday afternoon at Jamaica Pond. Music is pumping, the growing crowd is dancing, and Yoshi Walsh is taking a dive. Not into the water, but into his audience; a large collection of Bostonians who have ventured to see his band, Streight Angular, play at the fifth annual Jamaica Plain Music Festival. Walsh, a colorful Pennsylvania native who currently resides in Jamaica Plain, has always been a free spirit, but found a specific love and sense of freedom in making music. Starting his artistic career during a brief stint in college, Walsh spent most of his free time practicing painting, writing poetry and teaching himself guitar.

Love Love performs at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015.

Scenes from the 2015 Jamaica Plain Music Festival

The fifth edition of the Jamaica Plain Music Festival benefited from the best weather in the celebration's history. The only scorching came from the guitar solos, not unbearable heat, and storms stayed away. Here are some photos that provide a flavor for this year's event.