Meet The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Candidates and Vote on June 24

All Jamaica Plain residents, 16 and older, can vote in the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) election on June 24. The JPNC holds elections every two years. The JPNC meets in its full committee and sub-committees on things including housing & development, parks, education, and more. The council consists of 20 individuals: 5 at-large members, and five seats each for three geographically-based areas. The JPNC does not make binding decisions, but does make recommendations to the city to help the neighborhood and residents.


Join Newly Formed Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Outreach Committee

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council voted in August to add an Outreach Committee as a standing working committee of the council, and new members are wanted. The Outreach Committee is responsible for:

promoting participation in the JPNC

increasing the diversity and representative cross section of the JP community on the Council

promoting JPNC activities online and in person

making the work the JPNC does as transparent and accessible to the community as possible

and actively engaging as much as the neighborhood as possible

"We aim to engage neighbors at an interpersonal level by creating connections, ensuring that there is representation across the Council and its activities and that it reflects the demographics of the neighborhood on a variety of metrics, and by recruiting people to join the Council," said the Outreach Committee's webpage. The Outreach committee will generally meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. For more information or to get involved, please email Current members of this committee include: Paige Sparks (Chair), Omer Hecht, and Peg Preble.


Share Your Thoughts on Public Safety, Policing at JPNC Meeting on Dec. 16

The public is invited to discuss their perceptions of police and policing in our neighborhood at a community meeting on Dec. 16. A subcommittee of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Public Service Committee has been meeting regularly for more than a year. In July, the subcommittee hosted its first public listening session during which community members offered their opinions on policing in Jamaica Plain. The Dec.


Discuss Community Public Safety, Policing at Virtual JPNC Meeting

Residents are invited to hear from each other about public safety and policing in our community at the JPNC Public Safety Subcommittee on Police and Police Procedures on July 19. "Since convening, the Police Procedures Subcommittee has recommended a number of names to the [Office of Police Accountability and Transparency] Civilian Review Board, is working to create a neighborhood-wide Statement of Values for Public Safety, and has invited speakers to better understand legislation and proposals related to policing as part of our work. Events like this Listening Session will help us make sure our work benefits the entire JP community," said Paige Sparks, a member of the subcommittee. Boston Police District E-13 personnel have been attending the bi-weekly meetings of the subcommittee, but will not be participating in the event. "This is meant to be a community conversation, and therefore [Boston Police District] E-13 officers have expressed support in sitting this one out," said Sparks.


Want To Be On The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council?

Are you interested in being more involved in Jamaica Plain -- then being on the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council could be the thing for you. The following is from the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council:
(JPNC) is a volunteer organization that brings together Jamaica Plain’s diverse community to make decisions and recommendations regarding development, service delivery, and other public issues in our shared neighborhood, strengthening the entire community’s opportunity to participate directly and fully in governing neighborhood affairs. Since its founding in 1985, the JPNC has worked to increase and improve communication between the entire Jamaica Plain community, Boston, and other public agencies and parties. Although the mayor initially appointed its members, the JPNC quickly switched to an Elected-model and elections have been held every two years. Due to COVID, we postponed the elections last year, but recently voted to hold the next elections on August 21, 2021.  Nomination packets are available on our website and at the three Jamaica Plain Branch Libraries (Jamaica Plain, Connolly, Egleston Square).


Resident Led Meeting to Discuss Franklin Park, Shattuck Hospital Redevelopment on Oct. 24

Jamaica Plain residents are invited to a public meeting to discuss the future of the Shattuck Hospital Campus redevelopment process on Oct. 24. The meeting is being led by the newly-formed Parks + Committee of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council. There have been three previous public meetings led by the state with the last one being in June 2019. This community led meeting will provide an update on the most recent plans, the history of the site, future possibilities, and more.


BuildBPS Community Conversation co-sponsored by the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council

Please come to this community meeting co-sponsored by the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council to learn more about the BuildBPS proposed plan:

- Understand the educational vision of Boston Public Schools

- Learn about the impacts on the city and your neighborhood

- Ask questions


Registration 5:45-6:15pm

Prompt Program Start at 6:30PM


Refreshments and childcare will be provided.  

Spanish translation available.  

Preregistration encouraged but not necessary

Proposed Retail Marijuana Business Reps Making Rounds to Neighborhood Orgs

The management team for the proposed retail marijuana business that wants to go into the old Milky Way spot on Centre Street will be speaking at two neighborhood groups in the next week. Core Empowerment's leadership has been performing its due diligence to inform the public about its proposed retail store/social justice museum. Representatives have been meeting with neighborhood groups, including the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association in October. "Things have been going well. We continue to get local support for the project, so we're thrilled by the reception," said Core's Chief Operating Officer Tomas Gonzales to Jamaica Plain News.


Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Election Results

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council held its election this past Saturday and the new council members will take their seats at the next council meeting on May 22. The JPNC can have up to 20 members comprised of five at-large candidates and five candidates from three different areas. But this council will have 18 members because only four candidates ran for Areas A and B.

There were 301 ballots cast, two were disqualified because those voters' residency could not be confirmed and six ballots were tossed because they didn't provide an address and/or name. The committee chair, vice-chair, secretary/treasurer will be elected by council members by the second meeting following the election. The next JPNC meeting is on Tuesday, May 22 at 7 pm at the Farnsworth House (90 South St.).