Letter: Jeffrey Sánchez is My Friend

Jeffrey Sánchez is my friend. And like most of my friends, we share a vision that government be a force for good and progress; moving forward laws and policies that make equity, equality, and simple human justice possible. Jeffrey Sánchez was raised in the Washington Heights section of New York City and his developmental years in public housing in Mission Hill. Jeff has spent his entire life working to make opportunity and a decent chance at life a reality for all. Jeffrey Sánchez has never forgotten his roots.


Endorsements: Organizations in Support of Sánchez and Elugardo

The Democratic Party primary for the 15th Suffolk District state representative seat is a live one! Incumbent Jeffrey Sánchez and his campaign team is out in the district working hard, as is his opponent Nika Elugardo and her team. And organizations are also paying attention to the race as both candidates have their fare share of endorsements. Here is a list of organizations that have endorsed both candidates. Mind you this is not a list of individuals who have endorsed the candidates, as several noted people have endorsed the candidates.


Malia, Like Fellow JP Rep. Sánchez, Couldn’t Force Public Vote on Immigration Protections

Jamaica Plain state representatives Jeffrey Sánchez and Liz Malia both supported immigration provisions as a rider in the state budget. But neither demanded a public roll call from their colleagues—despite being chair and assistant vice chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means—because they say they didn't have the numbers to support it. As previously reported in Jamaica Plain News, Sánchez was disappointed the immigration provisions were stripped from the state budget during House-Senate negotiations. The provisions, which among other things would have prohibited police from asking people their immigration status unless required by federal or state law, ultimately did not appear in the approved state budget. Malia said she is also disappointed the legislature didn't have enough votes to override Governor Charlie Baker's veto. As for why a public vote wasn't taken, she told Jamaica Plain News, "It appears many of my colleagues didn’t want to take the vote, especially in certain purple and red districts of our commonwealth.


Sánchez Unhappy with Baker’s Veto of ‘Cap on Kids’ Repeal, Vows to Help Most Vulnerable Families

Governor Charlie Baker has signed the upcoming fiscal year's state budget, but he vetoed a signification section that would stop the state from denying welfare benefits to children conceived while their family is already receiving benefits. Jamaica Plain's State Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez, D-15th Suffolk, has fought to "Lift the Cap for Kids" and vowed to continue his fight. “I appreciate the governor signing the FY19 budget in a timely manner and am currently reviewing his vetoes. At first glance, I’m disappointed that he did not accept the section repealing the family cap. This is a regressive policy that unfairly denies Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) benefits to nearly 9,000 children in Massachusetts simply because of the time they were born," said Sánchez to Jamaica Plain News.


Sánchez, Catching Heat, ‘Disappointed’ Immigration Protections Not in State Budget

During his first budget go-around as chair of the powerful Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means, state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez (D-15th Suffolk) is taking heat in some corners due to immigration provisions being stripped from the state budget during House-Senate negotiations. In response, Sánchez says he strongly supports immigrant communities and is unhappy that the budget rider, which among other things would have prohibited police from asking people their immigration status unless required by federal or state law, ultimately did not appear in the approved state budget. "As a leader on this type of work and sponsor of this legislation, I am disappointed but not defeated. I identify with these immigrant communities on a personal level: They are my friends, family, and neighbors," Sánchez told Jamaica Plain News. "Hearing the appalling stories from the border reminds me of what I saw working on the Mexico/California border in the 1980s, and I want to do everything I can to help.