Breaking: City Councilor O’Malley ‘I’m Not a Real Redhead’

In a shocking turn of events, District 6 City Councilor Matt O'Malley held an impromptu press conference to announce that he has been a fake redhead for years. "It started when my parents dyed my hair when I was just a toddler. They wanted me to fit in with all the other redheads on my block. I continued on with the charade until now. But I can no longer go on with being a redhead --- it's not who I really am.


Secretary of State Galvin Speaking at Doyle’s on Tuesday Night

Secretary of State William Galvin, who is being challenged by fellow Democrat and Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim, will speak at Doyle's Cafe on Tuesday night. Galvin was first elected as Secretary of State in 1995. He will be speaking at a JP Progressives meeting, which is open to the public. RSVPing is requested and can be done so by clicking on the Facebook link above. The Secretary of State is a lesser known state elected position, but it is a very important role.


Zakim: Vote for Me; Secretary of State Galvin Not Fulfilling His Responsibilities

I am running for Secretary of State because despite our progressive reputation, Massachusetts has fallen behind on the promise of democracy and access for all residents. We need to transform the way we approach politics in the Commonwealth by bringing more people into the process, and by lifting barriers instead of erecting new ones. We can make it easier for eligible residents to vote, to get access to the public records that they are entitled to and to more fully participate in our civic process. This year, we have an opportunity to move forward on issues of access and accountability. We need to make sure that everyone across the Commonwealth will have their voices heard in the halls of power.