JP Toastmasters Open House January 27

Do you want to develop your communication and leadership skills to grow greater self-confidence and personal growth? Then you should checking out the JP Toastmasters Open House event on January 27. JP Toastmasters is known for providing a warm, welcoming environment where members help each other improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Click here to learn more about JP Toastmasters. The meeting will feature free food and drinks, introductions, and opportunities to practice speaking.


JP Toastmaster Greg Matos Wins Speech Evaluation Contest

A Jamaica Plain resident recently won the Toastmasters Evaluation Contest for Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Greg Matos, a member of JP Toastmasters, is the director of the Boston Vet Center and author of "Shattered Glass: The Story of a Marine Embassy Guard." Matos joined Toastmasters to “sharpen my public speaking skills and scale my impact, sharing psychology beyond the therapy hour." About his experience with Toastmasters, he said, "It's helped me tremendously, from keeping me from rambling and helping me give a speech without having to memorize anything." Contestants were judged on their ability to provide clear, positive, and motivational feedback.


What is JP Toastmasters?

Have you heard of the international nonprofit Toastmasters? In 2017, a local JP branch was formed. Danna Baida, a charter member of Jamaica Plain's branch answered questions about the organization, how it assists people to be better public speakers and how it helps brides and grooms with their wedding speeches. Q: What is JP Toastmasters? Baida: JP Toastmasters is the Jamaica Plain chapter of Toastmasters International, an educational non-profit dedicated to empowering individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.