Provide Feedback on JP/Rox Plan via Interactive Map & Public Meeting on March 22nd

The Boston Transportation Department is holding the second public meeting to discuss the JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan on March 22nd. You can also provide your concerns through an online interactive map. The Boston Transportation Department has created an interactive map in which users can add routes and points of concerns for accessibility, pedestrian access, bicyclist safety, transit rider issues, vehicle issues and more. Click here to see the interactive map. The JP/Rox Plan will guide future development and improvements along the corridor of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. The plan area encompasses Forest Hills, Egleston Square and Jackson Square, generally bounded by Washington Street, Columbus Avenue and Amory Street.


JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan Meeting on Sept. 19th

There will be a public meeting on Sept. 19th to discuss the Washington Street and Columbus Avenue corridor as it relates to the upcoming Transportation Action Plan that builds on Go Boston 2030 and PLAN: JP/ROX. This is a kickoff meeting during which the scope of the project, an overall update and summary of the transportation component of the PLAN: JP/ROX, will be discussed. There will be future meetings, too. PLAN: JP/ROX is a set of guidelines that will direct future development and improvements to the corridor that connects Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.