Fiore’s Bakery and Sazama Real Estate Become Odd Couple ‘Roomies’

There aren't a lot of bakery-real estate offices. But the global pandemic has created a new world that led the delicious croissants of Fiore's Bakery to share the same space with Ken Sazama Real Estate. After being closed for five months due to the Coronavirus, Fiore's Bakery reopened with a twist -- a new business roommate as Sazama Real Estate set up shop where customer seating used to be. Charlie Fiore and Ken Sazama talked about what led them to this odd coupling of their businesses. Q: What made you come to this interesting business arrangement?


Letter: Thank You to Harvest Co-op and Its Workers

As some folks know the Harvest Co-op in Jamaica Plain closed its door for good on Oct. 12th at 8 pm. Some folks went over at 7:45 pm to thank the workers who were on the last shift. While it had some flaws (like any other organization) I for one will very much miss the Harvest Co-op's, both in JP and Cambridge. And I want to send a big thank to all employees and board members for all your dedication and hard work.