Weber and King Advance to Face Off in November 7th Election

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara was defeated easily by the two challengers in Tuesday's election -- that means that challengers Ben Weber and William King will face each other on Nov. 7. Jamaica Plain's Weber got 4,810 votes, King netted 4,291, and Lara received 2,262. These stats are unofficial, and according to the Boston Open Election Results Portal, a nonpartisan collaborative effort by a number of groups that provide stats from tabulation machines at each precinct. The stats are from crowdsourced photos, and do not include all mail-in ballots.


What You Need to Know: Boston City Council District 6 Election

Three candidates are vying in the Boston City Council District 6 preliminary municipal election on Tuesday. The top two vote getters will face each other in a general election on November 7. This election cycle is quite the opposite of embattled first-term District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara's first election. In her first election, Lara benefitted from her opponent sending out a racist mailing. This time, Lara is under fire due to a June 30 car accident in which the vehicle she was driving, crashed into a Centre Street house.


Councilor Lara Says Report Shows She Was Driving Half The Speed Police Allege When She Crashed

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara says an as-yet-unreleased report she commissioned from a crash reconstruction company indicates she was driving 27 mph when she crashed a borrowed vehicle into a house on Centre Street in June. A Boston Police Department investigator has said that Lara was driving at least 50 mph at the time of the accident. Lara, a first-term city councilor, is facing two opponents, Jamaica Plain's Ben Weber and West Roxbury's William King, in the preliminary municipal election on September 12. Two candidates will advance to the general election on November 7. On June 30 at around 4:25 pm, Lara, whose driver's license was revoked in 2013, was driving on Centre Street and said she swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle pulling out of a driveway, avoided another oncoming vehicle, and drove into a house at 803 Centre St.


Here Are The Questions City Councilor Kendra Lara Didn’t Answer

The Preliminary Municipal Election for the Boston City Councilor District 6 election is September 12. The three candidates were asked to respond via email to questions, and the two challengers provided answers, but the incumbent did not provide answers. The Preliminary Municipal Election is on Tuesday, September 12, and two candidates will advance to the general election on November 7. Any registered Boston voter can vote at any early voting location. You don’t need an excuse or reason to vote early.


City Councilor Lara Pleads Not Guilty to Multiple Charges Related to Car Crash

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara pled not guilty on Wednesday to numerous charges due to her crashing an unregistered and uninsured car while driving without a driver's license. Lara was arraigned at the West Roxbury Municipal Court for charges related to a June 30 accident in which a Boston Police auto investigator determined she was allegedly going at least 53 mph in a 25 mph zone. Among the charges against the first-term city councilor who represents Jamaica Plain, included operating a motor vehicle after suspension, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and assault and battery on a child with injury. She was also cited for a booster seat violation, due to her 7-year old not being in a booster seat in the back seat despite legally being required for him to be in booster seat due to his height, said Boston Police. The accident left her son bloodied with a cut around his eye,  and he needed stitches at Boston Children's Hospital.


Police Say Councilor Lara Was Driving Twice Speed Limit Before Crash; Despite Revoked License, Lara Tweeted About Driving

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara was driving more than twice the speed limit when she crashed her car into a Jamaica Plain house June 30, according to a Boston police auto investigator. The investigator, who examined the scene of the accident that occurred at 803 Centre St., said that at a minimum Lara was driving at a minimum of 53 miles per hour on Centre Street, according to a police report. Lara's 7-year-old son was taken to Boston Children's Hospital after the accident due to a cut to his face. The report said that multiple blood stains were found on the front armrest in between the driver's and passenger's sides, and a small spot on the rear passenger seat side near the headrest. Lara did not appear to have any physical injuries, nor did she report any at the scene, said a police report.


Driving with Revoked License, City Councilor Lara Crashes Into Jamaica Plain House

District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara was the driver in a car accident that sent her 7-year old son to the hospital after she allegedly crashed into a Centre Street home in Jamaica Plain on Friday afternoon.

Lara's son was taken to Boston Children's Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and received several stitches, reported The Boston Globe. Boston Police released a redacted report of the incident that occurred around 4:25 pm when the car she was driving hit a house at 803 Centre St., which is near the Soldier's Monument. The car was unregistered and Lara was operating with a revoked license, no insurance, and an expired inspection sticker. Lara was to be summonsed to appear in West Roxbury Division of Municipal Court on charges of operating a motor vehicle after suspension, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle, reported The Globe.


Watch: Councilor Lara Delivers Maiden Speech in Spanish & English About Voting Rights for Immigrants with Legal Status

District 6 City Council Kendra Lara delivered her maiden Boston City Council speech on Wednesday about providing immigrants with legal status to vote in municipal elections. Lara also introduced her first piece of legislation -- restoring municipal voting rights to immigrants with legal status. "Regardless of citizenship status, all our residents deserve control over issues that affect their lives by participating in the democratic process and electing their municipal leaders," wrote Lara in her weekly newsletter roundup of council meetings. "Immigrants represent 29% of our city’s population and serve as an integral part of Boston's social, political, economic, and cultural fabric. Excluding such a significant portion of our city’s population from full political participation threatens the health of our democracy.

Sidewalk shoveling, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015.

Volunteers Wanted: Councilor Lara Creates D6 Snow Program to Help Neighbors Shovel

Many of us are able to shovel our walks, driveways, sidewalks, and so forth. There are also many people who need help. District 6 City Councilor Kendra Lara has created a program to offer shoveling help to those in need. "Our D6 Snow Collaborative Program, created in solidarity with our neighbors and in support of our Public Works Department, connects people in District 6 in need of shoveling assistance with neighbors who have volunteered their time," wrote Lara in an email blast. "We'll also reach out to our elderly neighbors to check on any support they might need during the storm."


City Councilor Kendra Lara on Being Socialist: ‘My Politics Are My Philosophy In Action’

District 6 Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara was scheduled to give her maiden speech about socialism to the council during its Wednesday meeting. But due to time constraints, she was unable to do so. Lara answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about socialism, how it can help her constituents, and more. Lara was elected as Kendra Hicks, but has since changed her last name to Lara. Q: You have stated you are a socialist.