A crowd of proud parents, teachers, community members and students gathered to cut the ribbon on the new playing field at Curley K-8 School on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014.

School Employees on Leave After Lead Contaminated Water Found at Curley

The saga of lead contamination in the Boston Public Schools took a shocking turn Wednesday. That's when the Boston Globe reported that children at four schools, including the Curley K-8 in JP, may have drunk water laced with lead. Lead in the water has been known as a potential problem. The latest news is that several fountains in the district were apparently turned back on before testing was finished. Supt.


Crews Vow to Contain Casey Dust; Some Residents Skeptical

State officials say there's no asbestos in the soon-to-be-demolished Casey Overpass. But that didn't stop some residents from prophesying doom. One man, convinced that crystalline silica won't be contained by methods outlined by the project team, thundered, "How dare you come in to Jamaica Plain and try to poison our children!" The beams of the aging flyover, whose paint may contain lead, will be cut down in pieces and trucked away, said Engineer Chris Evasius at a Monday informational meeting with the public at English High School. As for removal of the concrete, there won't be any blasting, he said.